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    A novel way to get the votes

    Some party members are canvassing the public in a novel way to get the voters for their candidates. They provide a loan to an individual at a very low-interest rate. They provide Rs. 1 lakh loan repayable in 5 years(60) months (EMI Rs. 2000/- per month). It works out to 4% interest per annum.

    Only ladies are eligible to avail this loan facility.
    Most importantly, they promise to waive off the loan fully if their party leader becomes the Prime Minister of India.

    What a nice concept to buy the votes of the voters!

    Your comments, please.
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    I hope they will not increase the interest rate(4% as mentioned here) if they cannot form the government. When cash is flowing into the hands of voters before the elections, I do not find this concept unusual. I have not heard about this scheme yet, but if the party that conceptualised this scheme comes to power by this way I think from next time onwards all the other parties will try out this scheme of various types of loans with a low amount of interest.

    We will witness a nice competition among the political parties and then the banks will have a tough time.


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    That's will definitely lure people. Loan at 4% is a very cheap rate and every lady will like to have it and will wish their leader becomes PM so that their loan may be waived off.

    But frankly speaking, that doesn't work people understand what's going on. These days people also have become wise they will take the benefits and when the time comes ro cast the vote they will apply their mind and will cast the vote to a person of their liking.

    This is what like how Kejriwal became CM. He declared that he will do many things in the public's favour if he wins the election and he became successful to make people fool and won the elections and then disappeared and never talk about the things he promised before the elections. This is very normal practice politicians do during the election time. I am surprised what do they think of the public?.


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    When people are desparate for their political careers, they devise such novel schemes to lure the voters.

    Technically speaking people will run to grab this scheme because no one gives loan with such low interest.

    From the legal perspective the election commission can get these people arrested blaming them for resorting to malpractices to woo the voters by luring them with financial gains. It is as good as distributing blankets and sarees to the voters.

    There are many acts where illful means of using money are restricted as they come under the bribing the public at large category.

    I would say that the political parties in our country are really very bold that they are adhering to such illegal means of wooing the voters. If so then why bother for the hassles of this loan scheme, just give a cash packet to the gullible voters in exchange of their valuable votes.

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    Neeru Bhatt,
    Money flows like a stream in the hands of political leaders. Every politician of our country rolls in the bed of currency notes. There is no dearth of money. Supposing that a politician in a village with 150 voters is rich by crore, he won't hesitate to spend a crore to get 100 votes. If his party comes to power, the loan would be waived off, but he will double up the money spent by him by some political means. He would make it to two scores. If they lose the election, he is happy with the money that would come back to him with less interest.

    Either his party comes to power or not, he is not much worried about the money spent.

    Even if one lakh is reduced to Rs. 10000/-(Ten thousand) and distributed to 1000 voters in a big village with an EMI of Rs. 500/- for 24 months, it would be attractive to the village voters.

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    Anything is possible in India for votes. If there are three ladies in a house they will get three lakhs. They can start a curry point with that money in their area and they will get good profit and they can easily repay the loan. 4% lntrest is very less and nothing wrong in accepting the loans. A very novel idea and the person is very intelligent. He came out with a very good idea.

    In Surpunch elections in our village, the people who are staying abroad but having voting power in the village were brought by the candidates by paying them all the costs involved in the travel and arranging a good stay near the village. 10 people came from USA and after staying for ten days they have gone back. The candidate won the elections by a small margin,

    Like this different people will come with different ideas. Some will work very nicely and some will back fire.

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    In my village, one of my lady relatives is hesitant to take the loan of Rs. 100000/- fearing some backfire. She said that she won't be able to pay the EMI of Rs. 2000/- per month for 5 years. I insisted her to take the loan and instructed her not to sign any paper provided by the person providing the loan. Also not to sign on any blank paper. I asked her to show me the paper she would be signing.

    I asked her to hand over the entire Rs. 100000/- to me, and said that I would pay the EMI of Rs. 2000/- regularly without fail. If the leader of their party becomes the Prime Minister and waives off the entire loan amount, I would pay the lady Rs.50,000/- or 50% of the outstanding amount that is yet to be repaid on that date. Suppose, the loan is waived off after two years, (I would have repaid Rs. 48000/- by then) I would give her only Rs. 26,000 which is 50 % of Rs.52000/-

    She gladly accepted my proposal. I am sure the lady will vote for the party faithfully. I may also vote for that good party for the lady to benefit.

    How is my deal? Is it Okay? Both I and the relative lady would be benefitted.

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    #659389 @ Mr Sun, you have done a great job. It's a good business deal and you can think of approaching a few more persons in your village with your business deal. Now, if they all agree to your proposed business deal, just think of the wealth you can amass if that political party comes to power. Go ahead, my best wishes are there with you.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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