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    It's nice to observe the usual childish activities from a distance

    It's good to see when children behave like children. I am saying this because nowadays I can see many children behaving so seriously that they forget they are still children. Their ways of talking, asking questions and most prominently their fearlessness is worth to notice. Upbringings play an important role that cannot be denied, sometimes children act in a certain way when among their peers.

    It's very usual that when a group of children is there, you will find them indulging in banter. During this one may use certain words which the adults may find inappropriate. Though it's not any slang, children use them when they are among themselves and it is a usual practice. Now when they are saying such words if a known person comes in the middle, they feel ashamed.

    Today there was a group of children mostly of standard five and six in a public bus returning from school. During their usual banter, one of them uttered one such word. He was laughing and sitting by the window. Another one was standing, though the bus was not at all crowded. A man, known to the one who was standing laughingly patted on his back and there was an eerie silence among the children. After watching this, I am reminded of a similar incident occurred during my student life. The basic nature of children cannot change and it's interesting to closely observe their activities.
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    Children are also exposed to social media and society surrounding them and now they are also aware of many things which earlier were not available to them.

    There has been a shift in the behaviour of children as they have started mimicking the manners of the adults.

    Still, children are children only and the instincts displayed by then will remain childish only.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Childhood is an age of innocence. Kids, when they play or communicate with kids of their ages, get lost entirely. Witnessing their play from a distance brings the memory back. Even when we were kids, we enjoyed the company of other kids. We cared less of who is watching us. However, we too held back when all of a sudden we saw an adult entering our room or approaching us.

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    There is a change in present-day society. Even children are getting exposed to many issues. They are getting more information through the channels. The children are using smartphone and laptops very freely. They are more exposed to social media and other channels. So they are becoming more shrewd than the elders.
    The group dynamics of kids are different from a single kid. They will get a lot of support from the fellow kids and they never care for the elders also. They never care for the people around them also when they are together.
    There are some children who talk and behave much elder than their age. When we see such children we feel astonished.
    The behaviour of the children depends on the brought up also. Definitely, there will be a difference between the children who were tamed well by their parents and the children who were left to their whims and fancies during their growth.

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    I agree with the author that these days there is a difference in children of the past and the present days. This is mainly because of their upbringing. Unlike in the past, they have smartphones, TV. I remember in our days we were not allowed to watch TV more and moreover we didn't have the access to the TV channels like we have today. We never saw mobile phones in our childhood even we didn't have landline phones too.

    I have kids who study in 5th standard. They both are twins and the way they fight for the things sometimes raise my eyebrow. And they speak such things when they fight which we never thought in our childhood.

    I remember once in their fight my wife took favour of my son and for it, my daughter told my wife " Mom you dont love me". I was surprised how come she got such thought in her mind.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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