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    How the life will change if we know our time of demise ?

    Thinking leads to writing. Strange thinking produces bizarre pieces of write ups.

    A curious thought came in my mind how the personal and social life will change if the time of demise is known beforehand. Something like a predictable horoscope.

    So everyone will know one's life duration and will plan accordingly. Finances, responsibility, retirement, old age management - all these will be planned in that perspective.

    It may appear as an impossible proposition but for discussion sake let us find out what will be the change in the society as well as in the people.

    Can you give your opinion on this?
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    I think we will act more stupid and outrageous because only we know that we are going to die. We would most likely keep it a secret either to not hurt the loved ones or to strike anticipation in their mind. But when others pay least attention to us in those times we start raging. We would end up throwing our loved ones away. They would never understand what went in our minds in those last few days. Worst part, you won't even have a privilege of waiting for death because your death date is certain.
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    I fear this thread might get locked. I have raised this thread on the same subject on 26th March 2012. ISC has locked it on the same day.

    ISC won't entertain subject relating to death, I feel. If they allow this thread, I would feel that some injustice has been done to me in the past.

    Life would be hell if we know our DOD in advance. People will try to enjoy life. People will try to make quick money through illegal means for their generations to live. We can find only sorrows on the face of all individuals nearing their DOD.

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    We never know about our exact day of death. But we all plan our life thinking that we may live up to a minimum of 80 years. Life is planned like that only. Up to 20 years our education. then the job, earning, children so on so forth. During this stage, everyone will be active and try to get maximum benefit and see that they will get some reserves to take care of the retirement age.
    Once we know our date of demise it will be very difficult to withstand the panic and they all try to see how they can avoid. In this process, everybody will lose their happiness.

    In Tamilnadu, there is a famous place where there are people who will tell people about their time of demise. I remember the name of the place as Vydeeswaram. I have visited that place. But I have not gone to the person who will be telling all about us correctly and tell us our exact day of demise. One should have a lot of courage to know the exact date of their demise and live happily until that moment.

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    We are heading towards future without knowing what lies in future. Had we been aware of the exact death of death, there could have been aggravation of individual passions. A money lender would be more greedy in extracting money from his money lender but a scholar would be more devoted to his research paper with the hope that his research- papers would be more applauded. However, some reverse may happen with the housewives, she would no more make tasty dishes and this could create a gloomy situation in the entire family.
    There could have been lack of interest in the profession of doctors, they may or may not attend upon their patients. So a chaotic situation could prevail. Thanks God, we are not aware of our tragic end and we hope the next day would be the best day of our lives.

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    A hilarious proposition having serious implication. Knowing the time of death in advance will make the people too much active to complete the tasks in hand and some meticulous people will plan their life accordingly making provisions for each and every moment in their life.

    So life will be in a better shape but the fear of death at a particular time will be a factor which will be difficult to address.

    As this idea is hypothetical in nature there will be numerous solutions and conjectures in this.

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    This information, that is the knowledge about one's day of death, will be creating different reactions in different persons. Some will try to enjoy the remaining life, while others will pull out of the main stream. Only a very few will try to plan the remaining days in a useful way. Some may try to complete the unfinished works.
    In this context, I may bring to your attention one of my experience. My father knew astrology and used to experiment with it. Several people approached him for consultations. He never did this job for any returns and denied anything that are offered. In a few cases the person approached requested him to give the day or period of death. He generally would not tell the same. But certain persons, because of closeness insisted for the death time. In a couple of cases he personally told them. Without father's knowledge these people started to get ready for the final day. They were not much worried to accept the death.
    My father himself did calculations about his own d- day. But never spoke out. But when we look back he was getting ready to go after completing his duties. The marriage of his youngest son was done in a hurry. He visited all his relatives. Certain construction works were done in hurry. The road to our compound was not motorable. He insisted the completion of the work soon, saying that some vehicles would have to come soon. He had said that he would die lying on his bed itself. Just before his death he climbed upstairs and lay on his bed. Within less than half an hour he had a stroke and left us forever.


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