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Send entries for this quiz by 24th February morning, 9 a.m. (IST).
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    L.O.W. Quiz

    In the attached Word doc (2 pages) is a quiz for you to solve. Do not submit the answers in this thread. Send your list of answers to my Gmail which is Read the instructions at the top of the Word doc. After you send your entry via email, put a response to this thread that you have done so in order to get the points and cc for your correct answers.

    The one who gets the highest number of answers correct will win Rs.100/- (up to three participants can get this prize in case of a tie); next one in line gets Rs.75/-, the next one Rs.50/-. The final decision of the winners rests with the jury panel who will check the entries with the master key of answers.

    Closing time to send your entries: 9 a.m. tomorrow (IST).
  • L.O.W. Quiz (163396-1-L.O.W.-Quiz.doc)
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    Knowledge is power.

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    Knowledge is power.

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    It sometimes takes time for an attachment to be uploaded. Please don't rush to respond to such contests to say that there is no attachment.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I just sent my answers.
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    I have e-mailed my LOW Quiz Answers to your e-mail ID at 1315 hrs today Saturday the 23rd February 2019. Kindly confirm receipt of the same.

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    Madam I have send the answers of LOW quiz to your email address.

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    Hello Vandana mam,
    I have just sent my answers to the given mail id. Kindly acknowledge.


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    I just send my answers of LOW contest through my registered email.

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    I just sent in my entry.
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    I have sent my entry for the LOW contest at 1730 hrs today.
    Kindly acknowledge the same.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Dear Managing Editor,
    I have sent my answers through email to the given email address just now at about1814hours. Please acknowledge the receipt of the same.

    always confident

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    Just sent my answer mail.

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    I have just sent my answers.

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    I have sent my entry at 9:36 PM.
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    I just sent my LOW Quiz entry

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    Dear Madam,
    I have just sent my answers to your e-mail id. Kindly acknowledge the receipt.


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    Madam, I have sent my entry. Please acknowledge the same.

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    I have received the entries as follows -
    1. Aditya-23 Feb, 12:50
    2. Sun-23 Feb, 13:17
    3. Deepak-23 Feb, 16:16
    4. Sunil-23 Feb, 16:38
    5. Syed Rizwan-23 Feb, 16:39
    6. Juana-23 Feb, 16:50
    7. Umesh-23 Feb, 17:30
    8. Dr.Rao-23 Feb, 18:14
    9. Venkiteswaran-23 Feb, 18:33
    10. Bala-23 Feb, 20:57
    11. Neeru-23 Feb, 21:37
    12. Shampa-24 Feb, 00:49
    13. Sankalan-24 Feb, 01:21
    14. Sanjeev-24 Feb, 08:15

    The answers will be revealed when the winners are announced.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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