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    Strong points of strong language

    "Do not use strong language or profane words", is what we are taught since childhood. But why shy away from profanity? Why can't we express ourselves using strong language in public? The obvious answer is it makes you sound uncouth. But that is only because society taught you to believe that.
    What truly makes profanity difficult or dangerous is that- it removes ambiguity in a statement.
    If you wanna try, tell a statement to yourself. Now use the most profane word you know in that statement. You will notice that by adding strong language to your statement, you are adding more power to it. You are removing all kinds of confusion and ambiguity in it.
    Profanity if used correctly can be used as an excellent device to mobilize masses for a cause.
    Maybe that is why mainstream media condemns it. And because media condemns it, we never use profanity, casting it outside the society. Because profanity in its core is much more powerful for an individual tongue to handle.
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    I disagree. For any reason, profanity should never be used as a tool. For any reason, profanity must not be used at all. It is a disgusting blot on language itself, whether verbal or written. Just because others use it doesn't mean one should. One can express one's point of view without profanity. Just an example: don't you think you could say "What the heck do you think you are doing?" to express anger instead of the usual profane word (of course, not going to mention that word here!) By putting emphasis on the word 'heck' - saying it louder than the other words while speaking and putting it in bold font while writing - indicates your strong view.

    One must not forget, too, that young children pick up words from what they hear. Should we pass on profanity to them instead of clean, good language with meaningful, nonabusive words?

    Language is beautiful. People should stop littering it with profanities and thereby defacing it.

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    Profanity has its own charm. Generally, I don't use these words, but I am a storehouse of these words in different Indian languages (not only Bengali). If such need comes, I can bring these words out from my storehouse.
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    Profanity is trash.
    - This sentence is stating something strongly without the use of profanity. There is no charm in profanity whatsoever and those who have a storehouse of it should lock it up with an unbreakable locking system and throw away the keys.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    The previous response has forced me to go to an academic discussion. Many linguists are nowadays doing serious research on the evolution of a particular language/languages from the profanities only. If the key of the profanity storehouse is thrown away, then the linguists will not be able to effectively research the evolution of languages over the years/decades/centuries.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Language is a means to convey our thoughts and ideas to others. It is a media to transfer our feelings to others. It is always better if we talk as nice as possible to others. Everybody is having freedom of speech. But it should not hurt other. We should not defame the language by profanity I feel. One should not make use of this language, I feel
    always confident

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    Well, it is in my opinion Vandana. Profanity means many things to many. The problem is you can't define profanity. For an instance the word, 'shit' was deemed profane and was censored a multiple times in past fifty years. Now that word has seen a comeback. I hope my comment doesn't get deleted because I used the word. But after all these years , censors have finally been relaxed over that word.
    I am in no way propagating profanity. I am just saying that profanity has a lot of power in removing ambiguity of feelings from words. Artists all over the world are now seeking profanity for artistic reasons. That is a thing. So it cannot be flat out neglected that profanity is not a powerful tool.

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    Aditya, the power of language is not dependent on profanity, rather the way it is said. You may think that using profanity in a sentence will increase its power, I would say it is the same as saying that being aggressive in an uncomfortable situation proves your concern about that situation. Many people think that aggression is a way to control others' activities that you found unjustified. How would you feel if someone behaves with you aggressively even when the fault is yours?

    The strong words or profanity according to your terms is conveying your true feelings in a situation. I would say it's aggression in the form of writing. Artists are using profanity as a form of expression in certain situations that highlights how people react in different conditions. That doesn't mean they are trying to spread it. There are socially acceptable standards of verbal and written communication. Profanity is not acceptable anywhere.


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    Using profane words usually shows a lack of control or lack of knowledge in terms of communicating with others. It reduces friendships to existing ones only, and doesn't have the charm to persuade others to a better level of understanding.

    It is so, so easy to fall back on profanity as a defense and one doesn't make progress with that. It tends to increase in your vocabulary from every 5th word being profane, to every other and so on and soon it gets to sound like an illiterate idiot with same repetitive words. Listen to them when something goes wrong – you hear the same word repeatedly describing some stinking coprolite.

    It takes self control and discipline to not use them. If you have a bike/car you would try to keep it clean and service it regularly, washing off the filth and junk. If you don't, it makes a big advertisement of your character. You can sign off to a life of equally foul-mouthed buddies and/or a long and lonely life in the long run. There is no charm in it for future prospects in life, family or business.

    As for those artists who use profanity, they are probably looking to boost their popularity more than anything else. There is stiff competition, so the ugly one gets it gives the impression of greatness.

    The greater the darkness, the brighter the light shines.

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    If the purpose of communication is met with soft and simple language, I do not think we ever need to use harsh and offending words.

    I have seen that even with profanity we can not get the person to behave or react in a manner we like him to follow. So what is the use of it. Just to release the arrogant steam within us?

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes it is apparent that not everyone here agrees with my observation and opinion. Good, I got many different views about profanity today. Thanks. Using profanity recklessly is definitely not a good thing. Hence I call it a tool. A tool is only used when required. And a tool I might add not a weapon. One, a weapon has power to wreck havoc. Two, a weapon is something that the wielder sports always. So if you were to use profanity, use it as a tool and not a weapon. That is the message of this thread. Profanity like other facets of language can be used in multiple ways in literature. And some usages are well calculated and not just emotional outbursts.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Profanity might put emphasis on anyone's argument and a strong message on anyone's part.
    But word once said can't be taken back and once you hurt someone with your bold and profane response, but later on realised that the things were not the way you looked at them. You can't do anything other than feeling the guilty but the person on the receiving end of your profane words will take the marks of those words forever in life.
    Though many times saying things in a circumlocutory way and not the exact things in your opinion might seem hypocritical its good for keeping things in harmony.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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