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    Can I use Wikipedia images for ISC articles?

    Wikipedia images are free from copyright obligations. So I was wondering if I could use one or two of them for my next article. I just wanted a final confirmation from the other members. I would be glad to receive advice on this.
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    See, usually any image is allowed from any source as long as you notate the source. And when you post images as attachments in articles, the images get resized, which in a sense is editing and is no longer viable as copyright infringement. So use good trusted sources for images, make some edit to be safe and always mention the source. If you use images used in education sites, its better. Wiki sites are the best.
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    We have to mention the source of the image very clearly and the name of the site from where it is taken.

    It is better to avoid the watermark images.

    There are some articles which are based on common items so in that case it is advisable to click photos and submit them. For exams if an article is about food items we can click photos in our house itself and submit it. That gives an ingenuity to our write up.

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    One should not use the copyrighted images on the articles. If you use them it is considered to be plagiarism. You can use an image from Wikipedia but should mention the source clearly. Also, there are various sites from where one may get the free image and use it. But still, it's better to use the original images you can.

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    I will locate the thread where Tony Sir had given clarity about this same issue about images from Wikipedia.
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    I was unable to locate the thread, but am putting here the instructions which Tony Sir had given: If images are necessary, then it is okay to use copyright free images, but ISC wants to limit the use of images. As a general policy, ISC does not encourage articles with a lot of prominence for images taken from other sources. Some casual images are okay to take from copyright free websites but in the case where images are the core of the article and they are from other sites, ISC will not allow that.

    So basically, it would be best to avoid taking images from Wikipedia and present the article without them. Please let us know if you require further clarification.

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    The Webmaster had given his stand on an issue raised by me, a few years ago. You can check his response here, for basic guidelines, in his own words.
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    Since the WM was keen on limiting the use of images and since the ME has also discouraged the use of Wiki images, I think I would avoid using images for this article (by the way, the article is on the Cricket World Cup 2019 and the image in question was a map showing the participating nations). Nevertheless, I think I can use this thread and the one posted by Juana as references whenever I have similar queries.

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