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    What if I had slapped on your face? What would be your response then? Imagine.

    Let's not connect this to or with any of the context but how would be your reaction then. For me, in the first hand you would try to grasp about how much damages that you can done to me & then you would calculate about how much damages would incur to you. Going ahead, on the basis of situation & prevalent circumstances & being on the position of either on stronger or on the weaker side either you would go on attacking or you would leave after a threat or would go completely on the defensive mode. Now imagine, that I continue to do this to you than would you still prefer in talking to me or you would try to go for some other alternatives in order to free yourself from routine nuisances from my end. But perhaps if the whole of the picture doesn't belong to you then most probably you wouldn't be attached to it either emotionally or physically. My question is "why"?

    I saw some statements of the famous sports stars of cricket on their individual stand for the up-coming World Cup events & I am not surprised.
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    Thinking will change when we are suffering. If we are getting affected by any incident we will pour down on that issue heavily. For example, people who lost a lot of money are very angry with PM for demonetization. If somebody is trying to spoil other's property we will talk so many points here and there. But if the same thing happens to our property we will start shouting on everybody and behave as if we are the only loser in the entire history and no one suffered more than us. This is the nature of human beings.
    If a cricket match is cancelled the players will lose a lot of money. That will affect them. So they feel bad about that. So they will never support that. Ex-players of sports also will not support the cancellation as they will also lose because of that action.
    Nobody is Mahatma Gandhi to be patient and show the other side when the other person beats him one side.

    always confident

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    It's true the person who is slapped feels the pain physically and emotionally others only cannot feel that pain.

    The situation can be connected with the recent suicide attack in which our soldiers got killed. In my opinion, we can only feel the pain due to it, no other can feel it. Other countries may say anything that they too are hurt but they cannot feel exactly what we are feeling.

    Excise duty is increased for the parts being imported to Pakistan that's okay but ask people who were surviving on the business tgey used to do with Pakistan only. This is bad as due to terrorism public is facing problems. I am not against what's going on against Pakistan but I am also hurt because ordinary people are also paying the price of it.

    It's right that's India won't play a cricket match with Pakistan but then its the loss of money that both of the countries will have due ro it. Not only the players but many sponsors, advertisers will also have to bear the loss due to it.

    Therefore it's rightly said that person who actually is indulged in the situation feels it better than anyone else.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Culturally and traditionally, slapping is taken as an offending act in the society and no one can stand it if it is done to him.

    Of course, sometimes we are the silent spectator and it may only appear to us as an fun activity. It also depends on our affiliation with the offender or the sufferer. If we are a party to it our response will be retaliatory.

    Knowledge is power.

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    No one will tolerate such a thing. It is insult and humiliation that gives out the immediate response to such offenses.

    We are not so tolerant that we will ignore such things

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    If liberals of India are slapped, they will give two slaps back and ask fellow liberals to slap as well. But when we are slapped by our enemies, the liberals would advise us to maintain peace and help our enemies to slap our other cheek.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Does this mean that it doesn't matter to us when compensated with few bucks? How ignorant that we still are talking of loss of revenues wherein the BCCI is the wealthiest in terms of revenue when compared to others with the players already having crores of balance into their bank accounts.

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    You give me one slap and I will slap you in return. Again you give me a tight slap and now I will return you two. I think by doing this the number of slaps will increase. Both sides will step up the slapping exercise.

    One best way would be after you slap me I will just tie your hands up so that you cannot use the hands to slap me. Now if you use your legs, I will tie the legs too. Now when your hands and legs are tied you decide how you are going to slap me.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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