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    Seniority should not interfere in learning from Juniors

    In our country, we are brought up with the mindset that elders should always be respected, and we should learn from them due to their experience. Due to this, elders always expect respect from younger ones and believe that they should learn from them. But does this mean that only juniors can learn from elders always? Are elders always right? Can it be vice versa? Can adults sometimes also learn from younger ones? Does sometimes ego prevent elders from being open in learning from younger generations? These are some of the questions worth pondering at.

    In the workplace sometimes a newly joined senior must learn from their subordinates about the work. In job interviews sometimes, a senior person may be interviewed by a junior person on technical knowledge. In-home environment sometimes, it happens that elders are behaving immaturely, and they need to be corrected by the younger ones. When such things happen sometimes elder people develop ego problem and feel hesitant, awkward and disturbed when they are required to learn something from people younger than them. This is a very negative trait and I feel that as far as learning new things is concerned to be it related to the profession or in general day to day life we should always be open to learning from anyone irrespective of their age or seniority. There will be times when sometimes juniors will have more knowledge than elders in a particular field, so elders should never be hesitant in asking the questions from juniors and ego should never interfere here.

    One should always be open to learning from others be it elder or younger and should not allow our ego to come on the way.
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    It is absolutely correct. There is no age for learning and one can learn from anybody. Your understanding of any subject is not dependent on age. The more you handle a problem, the more experience you gather on that issue.

    For example, nowadays many adults and aged people are learning the functionalities of smart mobile devices from the juniors. The young generation is very tech savvy and helping the seniors on different technical matters. As long as you wish to learn, you will learn and it doesn't matter from whom you are learning.

    Elders are always respected for their seniority and knowledge has a little role here. What is significant here is the experience of the elders. Since they have faced different situations in their lives they can tell the youngsters about their experience of handling those situations. They always work as guides. Analysis of things is an important part of learning, so the more you analyze the better is your understanding. We all are learners and learning from each other. There is no point in being egoistic about one's seniority while learning. In that case, there will be no learning.


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    We have seen tremendous achievements in the field of science and technology and our young generation remain involved because their preoccupation demands their total involvement in such fields. It may so happen that their involvement in such a massive way may cause frustration especially the senior people. They may think that they are being overlooked because of the age - factor. So in such a scenario, it would be better to have a frank discussion between the two generations in order to wipe out the prevailing confusion.
    In fact, the Youngesters pay due regard to the seniors except in some families, where the Youngesters remain in aggressive mood giving not appropriate regard.
    We should create an environment of cohesion where both classes would respond positively and try to resolve their issues. The seniors should take interest in learning the new apparatus and at the same time should appreciate the difficulties faced by the young generation. The seniors should think that their approach is not necessarily always correct. There is the room for correction. Understanding the emotions of each other - the youngsters and the seniors would strengthen the bond of these two classes.

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    I agree. We can learn from the people who are younger than us and also may be in a small position than us in the profession. For learning, there is no such rule that we should only learn from our seniors. Even we can learn from animals and birds also. Generally, we see the birds fly together. If anyone of the bird is missing the group. the other birds will round the missing bird and see that that bird also safe. This group living and teamwork should be learned from these birds.
    Many operations involving computer and smartphone are not known to me. I always ask my sons to explain my doubts and get them cleared. I never felt that I am older than them and I should ask them to teach me.
    At the same time, juniors should not think that they are the experts and the old people don't know anything.

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    This happens with us that we dont want to learn from our youngster. Even we are wrong and we know it and our younger is right and points out that we are doing a thing wrong still we hesitate to correct our self at least in front of him. We try to ignore him. This is very egoistic. Few people accept it but somewhere in their mind, they think that how can a young one proves him wrong.

    This is not the right attitude people should learn whatever they learn from people even young or old. Those who easily accept when they are wrong and make changes in them accordingly emerge out to be successful people.

    In offices too people shy to learn from their juniors which eventually makes them realise afterwards that they should not but should be open to learning anything which is new for them and that's important to be successful and knowledgeable at the job.


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    When it comes to learning or acquiring knowledge or skills one should not shy from the younger people. Age should not come in between this. The reason is that everyone is not expert in everything and one has to learn many trades from others and if one is particular for the age criterion that the opportunities will be lost.

    Respect to seniors is only a matter of etiquettes and good customs. It has no connection with learning from each other. In villages, the old uneducated people learn from the younger social workers happily. There is no age feeling there.

    If someone makes it an issue then it is only a ego problem.

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    What I believe is in most of the cases where the seniors deny learning from their juniors is not because of their ego only, but they hesitate to accept any change. They consider themselves perfect which itself is a wrong attitude and that's the reason they never feel like giving credit to the youngers.
    Seniors must learn to applaud irrespective of their position, and thought process then there will be a mingling of views and ideas between the generations. Such an exchange of intelligence makes a perfect society.


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    There is no condition in the exchange of knowledge between two persons. Sometimes senior might share his experience with the junior as he has seen the world for a more time but if the senior wants to learn computer science from the junior experience will not help.

    So, in my opinion it depends on the specific topic and subject that we have to decide who will be the teacher and who will be the disciple irrespective of the age.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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