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    Where will the poor go if the PDS is sought to be limited?

    Of late, the Modi Government is increasingly being pro-rich and anti-poor. The big manifestation of this commonly seen across the board in a very stupid move. The Government wants to transfer some Rs500 to the accounts of those who are now availing the PDS subsidies.

    The Government's thinking is the worst that can ever happen in today s times. Even monthly salaries of Rs 25000 have become meaningless in the context of hyper-inflation. Housing is a big mess. The rents are shooting through the roof and it is becoming impossible for the middle classes to even manage a decent living. It is ridiculous to cut down on PDS spending.

    The poor will become very angry and upset. The educated know that the rich industrialists have swindled public money. For example, the Anil Ambani group is now showing the bad effects of recipes diversification. He started borrowing left right and centre. Today, his entire group is fighting for sheer survival. All this was done with public money, borrowed from banks.

    The country can never prosper if a huge section of the people are underemployed in casual and contract jobs. Given this reality, it is absolutely unjust to even think of reducing the PDS expenditure.

    The Government should give up such ridiculous thinking. There is so much of unemployment and underemployment now. Let us not precipitate matters.
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    A good post by the author bringing up many contemporary issues related to this subject.

    What I perceive is we are not able to build up a good data base of our people as per their income and financial conditions.

    Ration card was made but the governance was very poor and though it could address the need of a few people but it's vehement misuse is well known.

    Aadhar was another effort in this direction but when it's potential to nab the black marketeers and money launderers became evident some selfish people wanted to stop it's expanding wings.

    So the irony is in our database and governance and in between that some clever leader will come out with a new scheme to dole out some thing to the poor only to get benefit in the coming elections.

    Unfortunate thing is that some people at the top are doing some clever and arbitrary things and there is no one to check them. Knowledgeable public is looking up at this as a mute spectator.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Why the author is specific about Modi's governemnt. I couldn't understand the logic behind. I request the author to make me understand the point.
    In our country, we are seeing the poor becoming poorer and the rich becoming richer for a long time. In fact, in the last four and a half years, there is a change. The percentage of poor in society has come down to a little extent.

    The main reason for this is the political leaders who ruled this country are more interested in their self and families rather than the public. They are amassing crores of rupees and they are ditching the society.

    I feel more harm has been done to the poor by earlier governments than the present government. If the present government gets some more time to rule definitely the lives of the poor will further improve.

    One shouldn't think of subsidies to the poor but should think about how to make the poor to rich people.

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    This will be a harsh step for the poor. Where will they go if PDS is limited?

    Today when the cost of everything is increasing what will be the effect of it. As there are lots of people in India who live under the poverty line in such case if the government is thinking to limit the PDS then they are doing injustice for the people. When we dont have enough employment in our country and there is a large population who dont have work through they can earn then how will they survive.

    It's really hard to think of it. I dont know what's going to happen by transferring mere 500 Rs in their account. Nothing can be bought by just 500 Rs.


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    I do not know whether the rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer only during the past five years. This problem started some time ago and there are a lot of reasons for compounding it. There is talk about restructuring the PDS because of widespread allegations of misusing this system. The government must find ways to spot the loopholes and need to act strictly against the fraudsters. PDS should be for a particular section of people but the Ration Card, which is necessary to avail the benefits of PDS, is available to many people even those who do not fall in the category to receive subsidised foodgrains.

    The particular proposal mentioned by the author in this thread may not have been announced widely by the government and since I am not aware of the whole issue I am unable to comment on it. In this context, I would like to mention about the LPG subsidy. Earlier, people availing that subsidy used to pay less and the price of each cylinder was calculated after deducting the subsidised amount from the retail price. Now people are paying the full amount and the subsidy is transferred to the subscriber's account. Maybe the government has thought in this way before planning this scheme.


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    Sirs, the subsidized rations are sought to be done away with even in Pondicherry. This is pathetic. Kiran Bedi only wanted Rs 500 credited to the individual s account.

    Now, the Pondy Govt has refused to play ball. It is important to plug away all loopholes.

    PDS should never be abolished. Kindly go through reliable statistics. Employment generation has been so poor. Only contract labor and casual labor are doing all work. Can we call this development? Where will these poor souls go? Do you know that under the NEEM scheme, these contract guys do not get even PF and ESI?

    Who is cheating whom? Sirs, please do tell me, which employer is so poor that he can't even give PF? And when will the poor raise even a little?

    Do you know that salaries of managers have increased manifold, but those of regular employees has gone up very little?

    Sirs, what about petrol price? The Govt left it to only " market forces". Would it not exceed Rs 100 very shortly, for a litre?

    The past 60 months has totally destroyed small and medium scale industries. Am working on an article, where I shall quote all facts.

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    PDS requires a revamping and not to be discontinued. There are some malpractices in PDS system which can be removed for the better governance.

    Simply giving some money will not help in the matter.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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