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    The real adventure is in doing efforts, result is only a bonus.

    Many of us have apprehensions about doing efforts to reach our goals and achieve the objectives. We feel that if we work we must get the results as per our aspirations otherwise why we should toil.

    In the real life, it does not happen everytime that results are commensurate with our efforts.

    So, what I feel is that the real fun and adventure lies in the efforts and dedication we put in our endeavours and a good result is only a bonus.

    Do you feel same way? What are your views?
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    Results that we obtain are not just entirely based on efforts. Lots of things decide the ultimate outcome. Our efforts, dedication, inner consciousness, destiny, prevailing circumstances and many such factors decide the ultimate result. All we have to do is put in our best efforts and leave it on time.

    Do not think about the outcome. It will be what it has to be. There should not be any scope for complaints. Most of us complain that we were devoid of so and so name and fame as we feel that we really deserve them. However, nobody is devoid of anything. We get what we deserve. Nothing less and nothing more than what we deserve.

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    In our Hindu Religious book Bhagavadgita, it was told by Lord Krishna to Arjuna that do your duty very sincerely and we should not think of end result. The result will come automatically. The same is being told in this thread.

    If we want to take up work, we plan it properly and we should work with a target in the mind. Basically, we will make a plan and we will work as per that schedule. In between, we should review and see any corrections or modifications are required. The result deemed fit will come.

    Sometimes the outcome will be inline while sometimes it may be other than our expectations. We need not worry about this and give up working. We will definitely get whatever we are due if not in the first attempt but we may get in the next trials.

    always confident

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    If the efforts we are putting in a particular task doesn't give us the desired result, we have to analyze many things. By analyzing it, we will be able to find out what was the fault. Now, every work has a process and if you deviate from the process there is a chance of not getting the expected results. But by deviating from the process you may always find a new method of doing the job even in an easier way.

    Whatever way you may undertake, you have to give it a try and make your best efforts in it. Focusing too much on the result only may lead to distracting a person from focusing on the process of doing the job. To avoid this, one must give the best efforts while undertaking a job. The real adventure is there when we get surprising outcomes.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Many times we are too much concerned for the results and can not concentrate on the present work. This is a disturbing trend as it affects our efficiency and performance.

    So, I also feel that dedication in our work is the most important thing and we should try to concentrate in that.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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