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    Willful omission or something else?

    I have a query for the editors. It is a simple question, based on something that I consider laxity. However, I may be wrong, and a suitable explanation will help clear the doubts that arise in my head.

    This is regarding the Triathlon contest and its rules.

    In the first leg two entries faced disqualification because the captions exceeded the word count. Fair enough; rules are rules.

    The second leg had rules too – 'Closing time to submit your entry: 11a.m. 11th February 2019 (IST)'. This rule was ignored.

    Was a special concession made or was it something else?
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    Juana, My entry in the first leg was considered illegal because the word count exceeds than the permissible limit.

    In the second leg also my entry was late and I submitted my entry at 11:04 instead of 11:00. Maybe the editor gave some relaxation as it was late by just 4 minutes. I was also surprised by it as somewhere in my mind it was there that my entry will be considered invalid.

    Rules are rules and should have been followed. You pointed out the good question.


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    Less than six months back, a member's entry was not considered for the contest, for being one minute late.

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    I am temporarily locking this thread to avoid deviation of discussion from other members on the point of issue raised by the member. As a general rule, the decision of the jury is final and they might have considered all the factors into account while deciding the final result. Repeatedly raising queries may demoralize the contest organizers. The contest organizer or any other Editor of the jury would respond later, if deemed necessary.

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    No, it was not a deliberate act along the lines of this complaint's deliberate wordings. It was a genuine mistake. I had just forgotten to put the closing time along with the other rules stated in the Word doc I created when checking the entries. Hence, it, unfortunately, got overlooked completely. I should have checked back, as also the other jury members. Sorry about that.

    Sorry, Sanjeev, we will have to rectify it and correct the points and cc for your entry.

    It is hoped that in future mistakes do not arise in contests and that complaints, if any, will be just stated in a simple manner without the need for such deliberate wordings as put in the title and text of this thread.

    [I re-opened this thread after it was brought to my attention since I am the organizer of the contest. I do not think any further discussion is required and hence am locking the thread.]

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