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    Do you trust your friend ?

    Friendship is a relation which is made by us. We share our life events, joy and sorrow. A best friend is very near and dear to us. We exchange ideas and want to keep the bond strong for life.
    But we have many times heard about a strong friendship getting over. Now-a- days we share this friendship on social media .Some have many friends and some few. Each one of us want a true friend whom we can call as a "Best friend."
    Also today's world is too much of social media and photographs seen around. Today's generation thinks more of getting success. Emotions have decreased. Sharing secrets can be risky
    Today, can you still say 'Yes,I trust my friend ' Or say I have a trustworthy friend ?
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    Friendship thrives on mutual faith and trust. These are the essential ingredient.

    If the friendship is for selfish motives or ulterior feelings then it will not last long and soon the person will be exposed.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We will get relatives because of our birth. But friends are obtained by us. If the thoughts, qualities and behaviour matches we will go for friendship with such people. There are different types of friends. When we are working in an organisation we make friends with the people in that organisation. But once we leave the organisation, the friendship with those people may come down. But the friendship will continue with some people after leaving that organisation also if we like each other and our ideas match.
    Some people make friends with some specific issues and once they achieved that they may forget about their friends. A true friend will always try to help the other person and will never hesitate to take any help from his true friend of it is required.

    always confident

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    Depends on how you look at it. In a general practice, as you grow-up you tend to disbelieve others with no matter how close the others are with you. In no doubt that the exceptions would always be there but in that case we are not completely agreeing in their promises & commitments with keeping the safe side to us always. These mentalities have gone to much higher level with the type of information & news that we are surrounded with. For instance, whenever we look at the newspaper or go through the TV debates or even have a general discussion, we are always speaking or listening with some negative arguments that even the spiritual ways are also getting mixed up with some kind of scam or forgeries. These all incidences are creating an impacts on our minds which is not good but this must improve in order to have a good & improved social life.

    Education is a good tool but exposure to the practical life with analyzing the good & bad would prove to be more beneficial to this account.

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    There is a difference between acquaintances and friends. It's not essential that everyone whom we talk is our friend. It's important to have good friends in our life. We should have someone in our lives with whom we can share our sorrows and feel lighter.

    In today's life when everyone is busy in their life people dont have friends. Most of the people just talk to their friends over the phone or do chatting on the various apps available.

    It seems people have become less social like they used to be in the past. Even I too had lots of friends in the childhood which has just limited to one or two now because I get very less time to meet them to talk to them over the phone. It's not the case with me but it's will everyone these days.

    Yes, I trust my friends and that's the reason they are still my friends. They won't be my friend if they are not faithful or I dont trust them.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Since decades the friend is a person who is believed as a confidential and helping in needy hours. But there are persons in the guise of a friend like Brutas who are to be removed by identifying.

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    If there is a true friendship there will be trust. Friends are essential in life and true friends will always stand by you in difficult times. Now if any relationship is based on some issues it will stay as long as the issue remains. For example, if you start a friendship with a person thinking that you require her/him only to meet a specific requirement, the friendship will remain as long as your requirement is there. It will not last after the requirement ends.

    If you do not know people personally but keep on adding them in your friends' list in social media platforms thinking to create a good online impression, can you call them friends? I doubt! When you keep in touch online with someone whom you never met or seen personally you are not sure about the identity of the person. Naturally, if you try to trust that person it will be a grave mistake. Many online fraudulent activities are taking place because of this unusual trust on persons whose identity you are not sure of. Trust has to be there with your friends and actually, it helps to make a friendship and keep it alive.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    We live in a society where people manipulate certain things for their benefits. In such a scenario, it is important to have a good friend to give you the right advice and support you whenever you need him. however, not every friend would be loyal to you. You need to analyze his behavior and judge upon his responses before claiming that he is trustworthy.

    You should share only limited matters with your friends. Time changes everyone. You should not rely on anyone for long. Everything in this world gives you happiness only for a certain time. Soon you would find happiness in something else. Thus, share only those things which won't affect you even if disclosed.

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    We make friends whom we trust and whose ideas match. We do not go blindly making friends. When certain things match to each other, we naturally become friends.

    We make friends to share our joy, happiness and blissful moments. We also share the moments of grief, sadness and gloom. Friendship is a valuable relationship when we trust each other.

    We only believe friends when we know each other.

    Blindly believing a friend can be perfidious!

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    Friendship is that beautiful bond which is not forced upon us by anyone. We judiciously make friends, and it is not a matter of any particular generation. In every generation people make friends, and it remains as a special bond.

    Nowadays social media is growing stronger and stronger day by day, but I don't think any youth of this generation is willing to forsake a real friend for a virtual friend. My son is a teenager and is not on any social platform. His friends are on social media, but they have a strong relationship with their school friends. It signifies that social platform is just a timepass but in reality, the youths of today also believe in real friendship.

    Another point I want to make is that the present generation should not be blamed if they fail to maintain a friendship because they observe their upper generation which seems to be more active on a social platform. Giving various updates and unlimited pictures even of their family bonds and so on which at times is very awkward. We have to teach the value of friendship to our children in a true sense then they will try to become trustworthy friends for one another in the future.

    Friendship is an evergreen relationship which never ceases to expire until the friends cease to exist. The relationships which end bitterly are so-called friendship and are not true friendship. We all need good friends, so we all must be honest with each other or else we will be left all alone.


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    I never had many friends. I am friendly and outgoing but I don't consider many my friends. My best friend though is a girl I met online. We never met each other in real. I trust her more than my real life friends. She is the best. I don't really trust anyone else actually. I am always dubious if others can fulfill my expectations. But no such doubt exists in her case. She is just someone I can naturally trust and expect nothing in return,
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Yes!! Sure!!

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    A friend in need is friend in deed. This is a saying which is a litmus test of friendship.

    In today's perspective getting a reliable friend is a difficult proposition. Many of them are pretending to be friends for selfish motives.

    Till we entertain and enjoy with the friends, they will be happy but as soon as there is a need to help someone then one by one they will make excuse and start disappearing from the scene.

    This is the reality of modern life and if someone is really having a good friend, he is a lucky person.

    Knowledge is power.

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    If someone would have asked me the same question a year ago, I would have said no. Being badly betrayed by best friends, I lost hope in everyone. Making new friends seemed to be the worst idea, and living without friends was a nightmare.
    I had no close friends after the betrayal, till I got these 4 people in my life. These people, changed me into a better person, though I had many insecurities (and still have), but, at least I am able to trust others again. I am a happy person, again.
    And yes, I can say, that I have true friends, not one, but four, who will, I know will stand by my side, forever.

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