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    Online Shopping Or Shopping Outside , Which One You Prefer ?

    Online Shopping has made easy to buy products sitting at one place. A to Z products of every kind are available online. Many times we find it hard to get a particular product in the market but it is easily available online. But offline shopping options gives us an option to view the product closely and then buy.
    Which option you like more ? Shopping online or going out for Shopping ?
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    Many people do not get time to go to the market and shop leisurely by visiting one shop to another. This has made the online shopping a comfort zone where you can do it sitting in one place.

    I prefer to go to market, physically see the item and then decide whether it is useful or not. I do not have much faith in online shopping as many times the items are defective also and you have the hassles of exchanging them.

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    Each of these two modes of shopping has its own pros and cons.

    The online shopping is gaining popularity tremendously as it is convenient to the tech-savvy people. Sometimes the online platforms lure the customers with discounts, coupons, loyalty and what not and many customers are glued to these sites forever.

    This is nothing but a marketing gimmick and many times a customer buys an item from an online store at a higher price than the departmental store in his area.

    There is a paradigm shift in the ways the customers are now buying items. They may not buy one item from the nearby store but in a buying spree will buy a number of items from the online store. It looks hilarious but it is true.

    So, online stores are taking advantage of this psychology of the buyers especially those where both the persons, husband and wife, are employed.

    I usually go for shopping in the nearby stores like D-Mart or Reliance. Sometimes, if there is a good and reputed deal in online I opt for that also.

    I feel if we think ahead and plan our shopping beforehand we can have best of both worlds - online as well as local stores in our area.

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    Shopping online has become the easiest way of shopping these days. It is time-saving. I think most people like it.

    But going to the shop for shopping is far better than shopping online. You can see the item by your hand and check the quality which is not the case in online shopping.

    But if you are aware of the product you are shopping, there is no problem buying it from an online store.
    We can't compromise on the quality of our product we are buying. It is good to go to a shop to buy items but we can't deny the importance of online shopping as well when you are aware of the product you want to buy.

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    Shopping on - line has gained popularity tremendously since the customers segments constitute young generation having no time or feel lethargy to attend a nearby shop to buy the items. Purchasing on line is rather an easy procedure for them where entire items of their requirements can be had from a single plateform involving less time in the purchase.
    In such a process, the buyers are more inclined to purchase even such items which don't require immediate consumption but as a result of hectic shopping spree without minding the final - bill, we finalise the deals.
    The on line stores are aware of our weak points and this plateform serves them to make massive money. Moreover, there are certain segments of customers in families where couples are engaged in well paid jobs having tendency for the exaggerated spendings.
    If we recall up the old days, customers were rather choosy and to purchase one item, they visited a number of shops and finally the item was purchased with a shop carrying the least price and such trend is noticeable among majority of customers living in towns.

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    Some products we can purchase online. But some products it is better to go to the market for purchasing the items.
    For example, if you want to purchase a good dress for you, it is better you go to the shop, see the dress and try whether it is fitting correctly to you or not and then purchase. It is the best course of action. If you purchase the dress online after getting the dress you have to try it and if it is not matching you have to send it back asking for the correct size. It will take more time.
    Some items like vegetables also I feel it is better to go to the market, see the quality and pick the best one. But these days these vegetables are also available online. Many people are purchasing vegetables also online. But I personally prefer going to the market and purchasing these items rather than purchasing online.

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    Both of them have an advantage as well as disadvantage. The biggest advantage of online shopping is that it saves time as one can purchase an item while sitting at home whereas it has a disadvantage that a person doesn't touch an item and feel which he is going to purchase.

    Although it saves lots of time still I dont prefer online shopping because I can not judge the quality of the item. I had purchased many things online but after an experience of buying a mobile phone, I have left doing it.

    I purchased a phone whose screen (display) had a crack which I noticed after a day and for replacing it I had ro wait for almost 4-5 days, though my money was refunded I was worried and since then I have never ever purchased an expensive item online.

    I know most of the people like doing online shopping there days but I still don't like it.


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    Honestly, most of the time I prefer shopping online. It is easy to find comparative prices online. Also, you get reviews on items which are purchased by others too. An overall review makes it easy for you to go for the right item. Moreover, you have an option of returning the item if you didn't like it. As far as items of clothing are concerned, I always prefer to buy it from stores. It is very important to get the right fitting and color for your clothes. Thus, I opt for offline shopping in this case.

    Also, most of the electronic items I buy from online sites. Most of the time, they have some offer on electronic gadgets. Thus, you would find your item cheaper than the MRP online.

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