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    A unique trade-off though it's actually cheating

    There are many who are experts in bargaining. Whether it's a grocery shop or shops selling electronics goods they will somehow manage a discount from the store. Even they accompany others purchasing any appliances for home because of this special quality. Their way of talking and convincing the shopkeeper to offer the discount is noticeable. This quality is unique though we find many like them almost at every place. There are some business tactics which is quite amusing. I find this childish but it's actually cheating.

    Let me give an example to make it clear. In our housing complex, the electrician who maintains the street lights is using these tactics for some time now. Of late, he became very lazy and do not carry out the repairing jobs on time. When he submits the bill, he always shows some extra repairing works which were actually not carried out. When the person who looks after the maintenance noticed this, he started to deduct the amounts and the electrician also started pleading saying he actually carried out that job. Because of the electrician's nagging stance, a trade-off was somehow found and instead of deducting the full amount of the unexecuted work a small amount was given. Now, this has become his usual practice and every time he is showing some extra unexecuted work in the bill knowing fully well that some amount will be deducted. This is undoubtedly a form of cheating and I am surprised that many are doing their business by following this way.
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    Ask for much, you will get more and ask for more, you will get some.

    So the business thrives on these principles. The shopkeeper will start with MRP and soon announce that there is 10% discount on that. If you insist for more quoting that others are giving even 15%, he will first say that it is not possible but after some nagging, as a special case, seeing your loyalty, agree for 15%.

    Interestingly, he will also request you not to disclose it to others. Only to make you believe that the discount was hefty. He may be giving 15% to other person also requesting them same 'not to disclose' thing.

    The root of business lies in margin making as well as satisfying the customer and for that clever dealings are required.

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    Bargaining during purchases is a very common issue in our country. That is why the vendors in some cases escalate the cost and tell the customer as bargaining will be there.
    But it is different from claiming money for the works which are not carried out. It is cheating. But bargaining is not cheating. When a person is doing some business definitely he will do it for some profit. So even though we bargain he will not accept to reduce the rate once they reached the minimum rate. If you are not bargaining he may get a maximum profit and the extent may come down if the price is bargained.
    In case of uncarried out works even he gets one rupee also it is a profit. We should not accept that at any cost. The person who is doing such mischiefs can do mischiefs in other cases also. I feel it is better to discontinue that electrician and try for a new technician is the best course of action.

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    Absolutely few people are very expert in bargaining while purchasing. I have an example of my wife who is very good while purchasing things. She buys things at a very normal price which no one of us does while shopping. It's a quality of few people who easily convince people to lower down the rate of the things they sell.

    I dont like such people who make others fool for the things actually they have not done. This is very common among the service providers who charge people for the things they have not done.

    I remember last year I gave my AC to an electrician to repair. And he charged very high for repairing it. He told that he had changed the condenser, coiling but who knows what he did and in a few days it again broke down and when called this electrician again he told gas leakage problem. It was very irritating and looked he was just making money from us for the AC we purchased just 2 years back and was functioning well in the last season.


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