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    Do you like to go on outings in the weekend or just relax indoors?

    After a hectic and active spell we get some break in the weekend and enjoy it as per our liking or taste.

    Some people use this time for going out on picnic or sightseeing or visiting a friend. At the same time many prefer to stay indoors and enjoy movies or TV programs.

    For some people, it is a time to enjoy with family trying new dishes and playing games and having other indoor amusements.

    What is your take on this? Do you like outing or want to remain indoors during weekends?
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    I always enjoy visiting some fascinating places whenever I get an opportunity. I think visiting or going to some exciting places is a nice thing after a spell of hard work in offices for a week.

    But some times it depends on my priorities. If staying at home on weekend is fine and beneficial to me then staying at home is fine, otherwise strolling on a mesmerizing picnic spots is what I usually love.

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    The people employed will be going out every day. Some of them may like to be in the house for the weekend. But the people who are in the house all the time may like to go out at least for a day or two once in a while. So I prefer spending my time with family members during the weekend whether it is in the indoors or outdoors. I will ask my wife her preference and I go as per her preference. Mostly she prefers going out at least for a day. So we go to some sightseeing place in the weekend. Sometimes this is for a day and sometimes we will go for two days.
    As far as the places we go are mostly religious places and some times another type of places. All we will decide after discussion and all family members will go together. If we are not going anywhere to sightseeing, we will go to a movie and then eating out.
    Generally, we will not be in the house both days at the weekend.

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    My job is a tiring job so i usually dont go for an outing on weekends unless and until its very essential. My wife and kids usually stay at home so they like to for an outing on Sundays which is one of the reason of argument among us.

    But every year i make a family trip outstation with my family to get relaxed and enjoy with my family. 2 years back we went to Kedarnath which is a very good place. One can watch the natural beauty of mountains and the Ganges flowing down the hills.

    I know it's good to go for a short trip on weekends so that your mind gets a refresh but what to do when the job is so demanding and one has ro stay at least 10-11 hours a day at the workplace and likes to do a complete rest on Sundays and its very irritating when anyone asks to go out on a tour or anything else.


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    I am having a lot of interest in outing, hiking and walking amid the nature trails. I will welcome any opportunity in that direction.

    A walk in the nature's lap surrounded by changing landscapes is the best remedy for removing the fatigue and dullness of life which is accumulated from routine monotonous works.

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    Spending the weekends vary from person to person as well as from family to family. Also it vary according to the employment nature's. When both the husband and wife are employed the week ends will have to set apart for cleaning the house and the utensils. If they are teachers some time will have to be set apart for paper valuation and note preparing and other similar school related works. Cloth washing will be job, specifically for women workers. So the outings will have to be restricted to participating in a marriage or some other similar functions.
    Personally, being associated with certain social organizations, holidays will have to used for attending related functions. Even going for cinemas are very rare in my family's case.
    Now after retirement everyday is just like weekends. Most of the evenings are used for vegetable cultivation related jobs. So outings do not have much role in my weekends.


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    Depends on money and the person I want to go out with. I have a lot of stuff to see and do in my bucket list and one lifetime is not enough. So I will surely like to go out more. Everytime I make a little money and have no expenses I go out. If I am indoors I would like to cook. But cooking is a private activity for me and I dont like bringing others into it.
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