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    What will impact of technology on Job?

    What will impact of technology on Job?Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Machine Learning etc growing very fast and manual work decreasing day by day . Lot of uneducated people in India who do not know to work on new technology so please give light on those area which can impact on jobs in future and what could be done to tackle it.
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    Thee technological developments may reduce unskilled works. But the jobs in the technical field will definitely increase. How much automation you do without a human interface it is not possible to run the show. The artificial intelligence is having its own drawbacks. So to maintain the required technology for this automation we require more people. That gives scope for more technical jobs. So the need of the hour is to get educated and get good technical qualifications.
    Basically, our country is an agricultural based country. The people who are interested in this sector are coming down and hence we should concentrate more on creating jobs in that sector by introducing more new technologies and better yielding ways. There is a lot of scope for creating jobs in this sector.

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    The introduction & the implementation of newer technologies are the need of the day for various industries including us. Although the majority of us believes this as something which is responsible for more numbers of individuals who are becoming jobless but possibly this is not the right way to look at this but instead the jobs are getting shifted to somewhere else. We are in the world of intense competition with each of the entrepreneurs of various shapes & sizes are always looking for the ways which is economical & at the same time prove out to be more productive but within all these we need to do is to update & upgrade ourselves as per the changing trends or else there would always be the chances that we will be left out from the competition or may lead to our own extinction.

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    Technology itself will not affect the capacity of the job but it will definitely shift and increase the opportunity of jobs to other technical sectors.

    Technology is an important part in our life and its importance can't be denied. We have to follow the trends and be technically skilled people.

    People should upgrade themselves with the latest technology to get along the latest trends and technology.

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    Technology is creating some jobs but at the same time many jobs are getting deleted from the organisations.

    This has a different impact country wise depending upon the population, GDP, political stability, governance and per capita income and many such factors.

    So, in our country population is a big factor which is going to complicate the employment scenario and creating jobs for so many people is already a herculean task and with technical advancements the situation may deteriorate further.

    In earlier times the philosophy of organisations was conducive to job creation. Like there were attendants to take the files or papers from one place to other. There were attendents to bring tea and water for the employees. A large number of people were engaged like that. Industries had more workers having lower pays then required. At that time it was a social objective to do so.

    Unfortunately, due to trade union activities the organisations started to avoid these workers cum labourers and became more and less executive dependent. The erstwhile clerk and assistant were rechristened as office executives without any attendents.

    This was a big blow to the lower level employment. Some of this was replaced by contract workers but the contractor will employ an optimal number of persons only.

    So if Govt can think of mega projects all over the country having intention of infra structural growth as well as employment generation then only something positive can emerge out of this bleak scenario.

    Govt can think of issuing non taxable bonds or other such sovereign investment avenues for upper and rich segment of society to raise funds for these projects.

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    The problem today is the big disparity in salaries. Organisations are giving fat salaries to a few and squeezing out 24/7 work from them. The employer and employee both are happy in such cases.

    In a country populous like India more jobs are required but salary should not be high. Even the top people should be restricted with salaries not more than 10 times of the lowest paid person.

    The culture of keeping less people for more salaries is not conducive for the employment.

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    Technology advancement is impacting the jobs for sure at least in our country where a big percentage of the population is illiterate and are not tech-friendly.

    Robotics and other automation in industries are affecting the job of such people. Imagine in the past when people used to work manually and used to keep the documents for the official records. For maintaining such documents employer had to employ lots of clerks but now that time has gone and the computer has taken the place of the clerks. It's easy to keep records on the computer. Unlike in the past, it was difficult to search old record which can be easily done on the computer nowadays. So technology no doubt have reduced the work and have made the work easy but still i feel it has reduced the jobs for the people. But that doesn't mean that automation is not good.


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    Nowadays, technology rules. Whatever job you do, technology plays a great role there. The technological development is so huge that at times it is difficult to keep up with its pace. Every technology is developed to enhance the ways of working.

    Think of a simple calculator. It was invented long ago and it is used to perform simple mathematical calculations involving large sums which would otherwise take a lot of time if done manually. Manual labour takes time and lots of energy. Other than this, when sensitive things are done manually there are chances of error.

    Along with the technological development, job creation must be there to increase employment opportunities. New industries should come up and youths should be trained properly in the latest trends. While AI, Automation are some of the latest one there are a lot more in the pipeline. On one hand the youths need proper training in each of those fields and on the other one must keep her/himself updated with the latest innovation in the field in which she/he is working. Just getting a job is not going to solve the entire problem. Along with securing the job, people must update themselves so that they can keep track of the latest happenings in the field. Along with developing industries, the government must plan to train the underprivileged youths so that they can be suitably employed in different sectors.


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