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    Your personality constitutes everything of yours including a “wink” & so be careful when using it.

    A "wink" can be explained as a way of facial expression in which we continue with the one eye opened while the other eye remained closed but for a minuscule part of time, say for 1-2 seconds only. This is often used by us when we have to convey our agreement with the other party but this doesn't comprise with the nice or proper gesture when used in the formal dealings & therefore we need to be careful with our body language & to avoid with such facial expressions like the "winking" etc. The author has given with one instance of one Bollywood personality, Priya Warrier, who got famous with this expression that even others too have followed that way but on the other hand one famous politician had lost a big deal of his image because of using this inappropriately in the Parliament. I am referring to Rahul Gandhi who got the post & position through inheritance but still much ignorant on his part to know about what is more appropriate to use with the situations.

    In whatever position or with the varied circumstances, your personality matters & therefore use it to get more success instead of going opposite with creating a dent on your image

    My entry for the TOW contest.
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    Yes, the time and place do matter when somebody winks. There are situations when people can take the wink very casually and laugh at the circumstances. There are certain situations when a wink can spoil the ambience and later the person who winked can become a laughing stock.

    Wink is not a formal gesture in any way and one should be very careful keeping in mind all the aspects while trying the gesture on others.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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