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    Stone hurled at Vande Bharat Express. What a shame!

    Vande Bharat Express was a great project which our government had undertaken and completed successfully. Also, the budget of this project was low because 80% of the items were manufactured in India. The project was completed under the Make in India programme. There are several reviews available online about this train. You will feel proud to see such a great achievement by our nation. This semi-bullet train is a great step towards becoming a developed nation.

    Recently, during the trail checks which were conducted in the first week of Feb, there were several incidents of stone hurled over Vande Bharat Express. It is very shameful to see such acts done by some mean people. These people are a disgrace to our country.
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    I agree fully with the author. The act is foolish and I feel those people who did this should be imprisoned and a good punishment should be given to them. The project is a very prestigious project and the government is able to finish this in record time. For any new project, there will be some initial hiccups. We should overcome those and we should make the project a success.
    But because of the politicians and their selfish motos in our country this type of issues are happening. We have to understand the intentions of the government and if the project is good for the country we should encourage the project and we should encourage such projects irrespective of our political affiliations. But it is not happening in our country. Very unfortunate.

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    I blame the mentality which has grown-up within each one of us that this has become less important to show respect to others. In others words we have got ourselves limited to ourselves only with growing disinterest in order to think beyond it. It is sad but we have got so much narrowed with our thought processing & actions with surprisingly many have gone beyond it to go on damaging the properties with no personal benefits on any account. There would be many other instances wherein the solar chips & batteries were got stolen by the locals or the benches were broken in the public parks etc. Let' hope that someday we will learn to respect ourselves as well as others in order improved surroundings. This can't be possible at once but let's begin this from ourselves as a first step.

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    Stone-throwing at the train which is going to be the pride of the nation proves that people of the country have not yet learnt to think about the country. Not only that, on the first day, the train was late due to heavy fog and some malfunctioning. The so-called intelligentsia almost expressed joy and made some terrible comments. This is the result of pathological hatred towards a person who is trying to develop the country.

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    It's unfortunate that such things are going on continuously and possibly this is the third time when stones were hurled at Vande Bharat Express. During the trial run, the train ran late in some stretches because of various reasons and the authorities took required measures to rectify the problems.

    During the investigation which was carried out in Delhi after a few such incidents of stone pelting there, the investigators found in most of the cases it was the children who carried out the acts. Let them carry out a thorough probe of all these incidents and if it is found that only children are involved in these acts the reasons behind it must be ascertained. There cannot be any laxity in handling this problem even if children are involved and I hope the authorities would find out ways to stop this nuisance.


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    This is really sad as this train is pride for us and people are throwing stones on it during the trial run.

    It shows how much respect we have for its nation. As pointed out that the pelting was done mostly by the children that means they did because they saw a totally different train on the track. It happens children do that. I remember once I was travelling in a city bus on the window seat and suddenly a child threw cow dung on the bus during Holi time. It was strange to see but we kept quiet as tge kid ran away after throwing it.

    But it's not food at all they should be taught about the train and might not have happened if told by their parents regarding the train.

    I read in the news that it went in the breakdown on the first day as was hit by a cow on the track.

    The officials maintained that it was a case of "skidding wheels" due to a cattle run over by the train.


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    There are some anti social elements who instigate the young minds for all sort of such mischievous acts.

    These people who are behind all these anti national acts are the ones who have a very bad career their selves as they either come from the very poor families or from some goonda background.

    What is required is to channelize these elements in some constructive work by creating job opportunities for them. Once they are busy in work they will away from the destructive activities. Govt, Society and private organisations, all have to contribute in this endeavour.

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    This is really unfortunate that some young people are misled to act in such a destructive manner.

    Whether it is an offshoot of our politico-social system or faulty education that these people are spoiled from such an early age.

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    Certainly, this is a politically motivated attempt to defame the present government. While our PM strives hard for 'Make in India', we citizens strive hard for 'Break in India'. It will take some more decades for us to be good Indians and feel that we are the government too.
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