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    Fasting till death if not granted the complete statehood for Delhi.

    This has been announced by the CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal to be commenced from 01.03.2019. This is not the first time that he would do such actions but from such personalities these actions can be expected. Few of us would sympathies with this leader but to be on practical side he hasn't been able perform & is nowhere from the expectations of the voters in fulfilling the promises & also with the reason being that the Congress party has shown its intention of going ahead alone for the Lok Sabha election has left him with no choice but to create nuisances in order to get some limelight. I feel sad for him & for all those voters who came out from their home & voted in favor for him with majority seats of 57 out of 60 assembly seats.

    Lastly but not the least & we too expect that he will stick to his commitment of fasting up to death but because there is no possibility that the Delhi would be given with the complete statehood & therefore this may lead the overall picture to somewhere else.
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    This is all a political stunt. The people of Delhi thought that he will bring some change in politics. But this man proved it the other way. He ditched all the voters who voted for him. He will start fast till death with a lot of bangs and many opposition leaders will go there and give good talks and finally, they will say they convinced him to stop this fast as if something happens to him India will lose a good politician and somebody will offer him juice and the play will be over. This is known to all and nobody believes his words these days.

    There is no possibility to give statehood to Delhi as long as it is the capital of India. This is a fact known to all. But why he is trying to deceive once again all the Delhi people. In his term what are the developments or improvements carried out by his government? How people will vote for him again.

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    Arvind Kejriwal is famous for his dramas and this is the latest one. Not even he who does this many politicians do that when election one come.

    Unfortunately, I was also the one who voted him in the last election. People like me thought that he will do something better for us but he didn't fulfil his commitment and I dont know what will the fate of his party this time.

    He has done lots of tricks in the past too to come in the news but this is a different stunt he is going to do. The hunger strike is very dangerous because what will happen if his demand is not accepted.

    Anyways he is chosen the best time to do this drama. Hopefully, he will get the sympathy of many voters. But those who know him won't get fooled this time.


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    What else can we expect from Mr Arvind Kejriwal? Sometime in 2014, during a demonstration, he declared himself an anarchist. He became the CM based on lots of false promises that he made prior to the elections and people thought they will witness something different. Even many of us thought that he will be able to change the scenario of Indian politics. Nothing of that sort happened and till now he is carrying out activities which are creating inconvenience to the public.

    He gained people's confidence by declaring that he will maintain a safe distance from the Congress and the BJP and will never hold their hands to win elections. This time he thought that the Congress would approach him for a poll pact and till now we have not seen any such development. Mr Kejriwal fully knows the outcome of his latest tactics and tries to play his cards keeping in mind the general elections. What I feel, after some time he will be isolated in his own party because of these unusual disruptive tactics.


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    Let the great leaders of two great parties (AAP and Congress) ferociously fight each other to finish each other in Delhi and Panjab. Best wishes to the fighters! The more drama staged by them, the more enjoyment for common people.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    What surprises me even after all this is that he still counts on himself including few of us as the future Prime Ministerial candidate. Ha ha.

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    Delhi state has a peculiar status. Being the capital of the country it has a mixed administration. Any CM whether Mr Kejariwal or any other will definitely feel the pinch of this mixed governance.

    Interestingly, rules and regulations are sometimes a source of great embarrassment and inconvenience to some people due to the practical aspect of their implementation.

    One of my friends was working in a PSU. There was a big restructuring plan in the organization and some people lost their position while others much junior got important assignments based on their annual reports and performance. Many employees were transferred from one place to another.

    In that new set up some people were not ready to surrender their rooms and furniture to new incumbents. It went on for some time and finally after 6 months things came under order. There was a lot of confusion and people were not obeying to the new in charges and openly insulting them.

    So, the 6 months period was a period of mixed administration and because of lack of clarity in administration, the things went haywire.

    I think Delhi is also facing a similar situation.

    In this condition, any CM can take desperate actions.

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    Arvind Kejriwal will have to eat humble pie and withdraw his "indefinite" hunger strike after a few days. Because, Delhi is never going to be made a full state, and it should not be. He will cut a very sorry figure before the public very soon,

    Let's enjoy the drama till then.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Delhi Statehood was a promise by BJP too -

    I am intrigued why you think AAP didn't fulfil its promises. Better Government schools, free and subsidized health services, free water, controlled electricity rates, providing basic services to illegal colonies... TBH it seems they have done quite good work with the limited powers they have. Can you explain why you think they didn't deliver on their commitments?

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    This is going to be an interesting thing. We have to see the legal aspect of the things. If Govt wants to make it a full fledged state without any ambiguity in administration then how the central Govt will function separately within that state.

    The question whether the country capital can be made a state is also a baffling one. If it is so then what was the idea of converting it into a half baked state.

    It is not easy to solve this paradox.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Mr AK has learned the tactics and techniques to grab the chair, but he hasn't learned the art of sitting on a chair. A CM going on a dharna and fasting until death is a futile effort that won't yield any positive result. Who cares about this CM who did not fulfil his promises. By this time, all Delhites must have known what is AK and his performance. Delhi will never get a statehood. He may not go on a fasting mission, if gone, he might end up his fasting on some flimsy ground.
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    "In view of the prevailing Indo-Pak situation, I am postponing my (upwas) hunger strike for full statehood of Delhi", says CM Arvind Kejriwal

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    Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, who was to go on an indefinite hunger strike from 1st March, 2019 demanding full statehood for Delhi, has called off his dharna because of the 'prevailing Indo Pak situation'.

    Most probably, the fast was scheduled to be held at Indo-Pak border! So, he had no other choice except calling it off.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    AK was finding reasons to call off his scheduled indefinite hunger strike, but the strike by IAF helped him to call it off. Wah! Great is AK of Delhi.
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