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(Topic based month end TOW contest for Feb'19 (Winner))
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    Before next wink, refer a Winkipedia

    Priya Warrier is definitely not the first to wink. But still, she has made the gesture of wink a bit more popular and celebrity matter in a short time at least among the Malayalam movie goers or Malayalees across the world. From them it has spread and become viral all over. No doubt she has made wink beautiful too. The youth and the young in mind have liked that.

    Just like the osculatory gesture called kissing, winking is an ocular exercise having its own significance. Like the saying 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder', the meaning of the wink is a harmony of thoughts between the sender and receiver. Though there is a 'French Kiss' no equivalent is there for wink, probably because it is already a Wi-fi or wireless attribute inherent in it.
    As wink is only a half blink the word wink would have originated by the merging of two words 'Wifi 'and 'Blink' becoming Wink. Thus it suits the current wi-fi generation and Priya Warrier has become its brand ambassador. So it turns out to be a Winky Warrier( wink!).

    As wink has myriads of meanings depending on the rhythm and resonance between the sender and receiver, I think we may need a Winkipedia or Winkcyclopaedia to understand thoroughly about wink.
    I close this post with a meaningful wink, which you know to take correctly (wink again!)

    (Entry for TOW contest)
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    A well structured and flowing narration by the author. I enjoyed reading it.

    The popularity of wink is phenomenal and it was used before that also but then it had a ulterior meaning and now it has taken a graceful stance and even acceptable in the parliamentary gestures.

    As a student we used to use it to emphasize our point to our friends and it conveyed much than the few sentences of a communication language.

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    Haha beautifully expressed. You chose to relate wink to Morse code. Great entry.
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    Your take on the topic is brilliant. I love it. This is a winner!
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    A superb post on wink by Venk..iteswaran. I like the way you wrote it. Your wink is a sure winner.
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    A very well thought and narrated post. The thought about the origin of a wink as a merger of two words wifi and blink is very good and I like the thought. My appreciations to the author.
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    Excellent post!
    I just enjoyed reading it.
    Great thoughts, I never even think this much about a wink. Thanks for sharing!


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    A nice post by the author. Priya warrier has become a brand ambassador of winking. She has changed its meaning.
    I cannot imagine a better post on winking than this. Thanks for sharing it.


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    A wonderful writeup and I am sure this will find a suitable place on the winners' list. The merge of Wifi and Blink is brilliant. What a resemblance between the two. It's amazing!

    I am sure after reading this thread someone out there must be thinking of creating a Winkipedia.


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    Excellent write up. It gives pleasure to read new concept of wifi and blink. Thank you for expressing such a nice thoughts on wink.

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