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    My Profile is not showing Gold member

    I have recently crossed 1000 points. I was expecting the profile to show Gold member now. But, I am not seeing any changes in the membership. This is not letting me add my Google Adsense account to ISC. Although I can see the Gold level tick in the Adsense profile page, there is no updation on Dashboard.
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    Your profile is already showing that you have become a gold member here. It might have happened that it took time in updating your membership level here on your profile.

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    Congratulations, Jitesh on reaching the Gold level! I checked your AdSense profile page at ISC and you are eligible for getting a share in the AdSense revenue generated from your contributions. Just be consistent now in contributions, especially articles and you will get good earnings.

    Sanjeev is right. The change in membership level may not show right away at the profile account. Generally, if there are issues with, say, recalculating points and earnings, a member may need to log out and log in again to see the updates in the points and earnings. Same may be the case with an update in membership levels. Let us know if you are still having difficulty in associating your AdSense account with ISC. If this is the case, we will inform the Webmasters.

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    Congratulations to you for your achievement. I hope you will continue your good work and go to the next levels at the earliest. All the best to you.
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