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    Virtue is it's own reward.

    Having good habits or good traits is a great possession of some of the human beings. It is inculcated since the childhood and manifests in its full form during adulthood.

    Whether it is self discipline, punctuality, smiling gestures, cordial behaviour, will to work hard and other such positive attributes, all these contribute to a satisfying and fruitful life.

    So I feel that virtue is it's own reward.

    What do you think about this?
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    Absolutely true. All these quantities in a person are inculcated in him/her in childhood itself. It's very likely that the person who has not been taught to be self-disciplined may not be disciplined in adulthood. He/she may not be as successful as others who are disciplined.

    I feel it's the honesty which is required to be instilled in the kids from the starting as in today's world when honesty is almost dying in people we must teach our kids to be honest so that we may be able to remove corruption out of the country.

    Apart from it, a kid should be taught that it's their hard work through which they can achieve anything in their life. If they dont work hard for their goals they won't be able to achieve them on time.

    I am very conscious of such things about my kids and want to have these qualities in them so that they may become a responsible and successful person in their life.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    If thoughts, words and deeds are good, rewards which follow them also will be good. Author has very well described in his post that virtue itself is its own reward. I completely agree. Traits create the personality of an individual. We are writing our own destiny every second. It starts with the creation of thoughts. Those thoughts turn into words or actions. Thus, when we inculcate positivity and positive traits in our personality, how can we reap negative rewards out of them. We will get to enjoy a happy and content life.

    Good habits need to be inculcated during childhood. However, it is not mandatory. A person if has will to change at any point in his lifetime can do so. All he has to do is substitute the negative traits with good ones. Slowly but gradually he will notice a change in his personality.

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    Our virtues reflect our personality; if we are good in our deeds or actions, people love and encourage it. Otherwise, people downgrade you and discourage you for being so mean and uncultured.

    Good qualities are sweet as sugar! Good qualities are a guarantee for success in society. Inculcating virtues is an important thing for an effective personality of an individual. Refining our qualities shines our personality.

    We should pay due heed to develop better qualities in our children so, they always cherish great qualities.

    Endorsing the good qualities: respecting people, always helping the poor, saying good words to everyone, shunning hypocrisy, be honest, stop lying and backbiting, stop being angry at others without any valid reason and stop discrimination of communities as we are humans and everyone has a right to live and nobody has the right to snatch this right from anyone. We can smile while meeting anyone is also great quality!

    And of course, we can't ignore our parents who provide us all the comfort but themselves face pain while our upbringing and development.

    Talking to parents humbly and always smile before them and not even disagree even if the point is to disagree! Because it is our time to serve and make them comfortable.

    Status of parents is much higher.

    These are the qualities that we can inculcate in ourselves and in our children. If we have all these qualities we are successful and great to have such virtues.

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    It all depends on the way you think. Your virtue ,your good behaviour creates your good image. But in today's era, being just good or maintaining virtue is not enough. You also have to be smart enough to safeguard your good image in society because some people with evil thoughts might try to manipulate a good person. We also need to have understanding of evil thoughts of other people in order to not risk our virtues and behave accordingly. Most important is to trust ourselves more than anyone.

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    Yes. Good habits will definitely bring in discipline to the person and discipline will bring rewards automatically.
    If one is sincere in his profession he will definitely go up in the ladder, There is no doubt about it.
    This habits will come to the people from the environment they live and the teachings of the elders. Children learn by seeing their parents. So the elders should also follow all good traits and then teach them.
    But today's world is different. How good you are and how sincere you are not that important but how smart are you is more important. So we should be able to market ourselves to get the rewards. So we should concentrate on performing and at the same time, we should see that what we do is known to the people who are monitoring our works and performance. Then only rewards will follow.

    always confident

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    Good habits are rewarding in life, there is no doubt about that.

    In today's world, for achieving success, only good habits may not be sufficient.

    Today is the age of networking and resourcefulness. Innovation and enterprising ideas are stealing the business in their favour.

    So good habit is one of the factors for a fruitful life.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The author is correct. Actually, the main problem is the good traits and habits which create a positive impact on others is missing in many of us. These things are becoming rare and that's why we see lots of disturbances all around us. While the upbringings of children are very important, realization also plays a role here.

    Ask anybody about honesty, good behaviour or discipline and everybody will agree that these are very important and one must possess all these to lead a wonderful life. But when it comes to practice, there are many who think otherwise. Even the most corrupted politician will say of eradicating corruption because she/he knows that any kind of corrupt practice creates a bad image in the society. It's quite interesting to note that all the keys to a wonderful and happy life are with us, yet many of us never use them. It seems many of us have locked up virtue inside the cupboard and trying to find it elsewhere.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    All of us are aware of good virtues such as self discipline, patience and to adopt fair practices in our real life. It means that the benifits associated with these qualities will lead to a tension free life and at the same time they will have enough respect in the society.
    However, there are certain classes of people having different approaches towards life. They use these attributes frequently in course of conversation but the same are rarely implemented in there day today life and such people are clever enough to influence the entire society with their dual dealings.
    Unless the noble traits are religiously followed, success will allude us and so the peace of mind. There must not be deviation in our thought and action so as to enjoy the real peace by practicing the noble attributes.

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