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    Tuvalu earns 5 million dollars every year because of its name

    Tuvalu is an island nation in Pacific ocean and nothing is really extraordinary about it. Nothing but the fact that its country domain is .tv.
    If you have opened enough internet streaming sites you would know that .tv is common among them all. So each time someone opens these .tv sites Tuvalu gets a royalty. This is a fantastic resource to the nation and this way Tuvalu is earning 5 million dollars each year lately. The country's infrastructure is dependent on this.
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    I thank author for posting this vital information.

    A very interesting and amazing information that a country is getting revenue from online views of sites ending with .tv.

    Internet has brought so many new things in our life. It is very exciting.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is new information to me. I never know that there is a country by this name. I have seen some sites ending .tv. But I don't that this is a domain name of this country. After seeing this post to get some additional information I have searched on the internet. I understand that 10% of the total income to the government of that country is from the royalties from .tv addresses.
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    Tuvalu is a country situated on the Australian continent. It's a very small country having a population of merely 11500. It's the less develops country.

    I was just reading the information of .tv shared by the author on Google and it's really strange and good information.


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