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    Best Indian bank to receive Adsense payment

    Do you know that each bank charges differently for the inward remittance such as for Adsense payments? Let us discuss and find the best bank to receive the Adsense payment in India. If you earn around $100 then the amount you lose with your bank might be smaller but if it is $1000+ then the amount you lose will be higher.

    A few months ago, my friend earned around 5 dollars higher than my total Adsense earnings but his bank pays a lower amount than my bank. My friend uses Axis bank and I use HDFC bank. This is not just for a month. This is always the case. Axis bank charges more than HDFC bank.

    He might lose around Rs.5000 per year by using an Axis bank instead of HDFC bank (Remember: This depends upon the amount which you earn). So, let us analyze each bank.

    Month ~ USD to INR exchange rate ~ GST Tax ~ Other Charges ~ Payment date by Adsense ~ Processed date by bank

    Feb 2019 ~ Rs.70.03 ~ (-Rs.45 GST) ~ Nill ~ 21st ~ 25th
    Jan 2019 ~ Rs.70.17 ~ (-Rs.52 GST) ~ Nill ~ 21st ~ 23rd
    Dec 2018 ~ Rs.69.27 ~ (-Rs.45 GST) ~ Nill ~ 21st ~ 27th
    Nov 2018 ~ Rs.69.87 ~ (-Rs.45 GST) ~ Nill ~ 21st ~ 28th
    Oct 2018 ~ Rs.72.16 ~ (-Rs.45 GST) ~ Nill ~ 21st ~ 24th
    Sep 2018 ~ Rs.71.53 ~ (-Rs.45 GST) ~ Nill ~ 21st ~ 28th
    Aug 2018 ~ Rs.69.02 ~ (-Rs.45 GST) ~ Nill ~ 21st ~ 27th
    Jul 2018 ~ Rs.67.64 ~ (-Rs.45 GST) ~ Nill ~ 21st ~ 27th
    Jun 2018 ~ Rs.67.23 ~ (-Rs.45 GST) ~ Nill ~ 21st ~ 26th
    May 2018 ~ Rs.66.42 ~ (-Rs.45 GST) ~ Nill ~ ---- ~ ----
    Apr 2018 ~ Rs.65.84 ~ (-Rs.45 GST) ~ Nill ~ 22nd ~ 25th
    Mar 2018 ~ Rs.64.10 ~ (-Rs.45 GST) ~ Nill ~ 21st ~ 28th
    Feb 2018 ~ Rs.64.19 ~ (-Rs.45 GST) ~ Nill ~ 21st ~ 28th

    (I guess GST tax will be higher or lower depending upon the inward remittance?)

    I might post the data for Axis bank later if I can get it. I have SBI account but I'm not using it. Could you please post the data for your bank, like the above? Remember, you don't have to post your earnings, just the conversion rate and charges.
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    It is useful information. I feel HDFC bank conversion rates are better than other banks. Two days back one of my friends went to compare the conversion rates for the dollars he had with him. He has not told me what are the banks he has contacted but he told me that HDFC bank is a giving a better rate than other banks.
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    Could anyone share your bank charges.
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    I don't think many people here receive frequent AdSense payments so they won't be able to share with you the costs.

    Google processes its payments through Citibank, you can open a Basic account there to save on charges since being the same banks they charge quite less fees.

    I know for a fact that PNB and Andhra bank charge Rs.500 + taxes for Wire transfer so you can avoid those.

    SBI charges are around Rs.70

    This all of course is for payments a little over $100 and may vary depending on the amount.

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