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    A bear that was in the army

    During the second world war, Polish army found a brown bear in wild. Its mom was shot by a hunter probably. They cared for the bear a few days, giving it milk and bread from their ration. But the bear refused to leave when it grew up. The army raised it from then. The bear would eat, smoke and drink beer with them. It used to chew cigarettes and drink many bottles of beer a day.
    Later when the allied forces of Great Britain joined with Polish army to keep Germans away, they decreed that no animals would accompany them. Polish army then promoted this bear to the ranks of private and called it "Wojtek", which means "happy soldier". The bear actually worked side by side with its friends and transported ammunition, since it belonged to 22nd artillery supply unit of Polish army. In honor of this bear, the unit put Wojtek in their flag and promoted it to the ranks of corporal. When its unit was disbanded the bear was sent off to Edinburgh Zoo where he died at 22 years of age due to natural causes. His former friends always visited him in zoo. He lived a great life.

    World wars saw many animal companions too. Wojtek was one such awesome companion.
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    A very interesting narration about the animal adopted in the army. These animals are very loveable creatures and they will always respect and obey the hands which feed them. They are a good companion also.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I have read and heard about dogs being kept in the army for purpose but never heard this thing about the bear. A good contribution by the author. An interesting narration about the bear who became so friendly with the army men.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It's good to know about the 'happy soldier'. From this wonderful writeup, we can understand how a bear became a good friend of the army and helped them in their work.

    Different animals become companions of humans during difficult times and this one is one such bright example. Thanks to Aditya for sharing this unique story.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    It is very nice to know that the soldiers are keeping a bear with them. New information to me. I am thankful to the author for the information and the narration is good.
    always confident

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