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    A Pakistan drone has been shot down at Kutch border

    A Pakistani drone was shot down at Kutch border in Gujarat early this morning at 6:30 am, just hours after Indian Air Force launched an air strike against Pakistan in Balakot in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), destroying biggest terror camp of Jaish-e-Mohammad within Pakistan (not in Pak-occupied Kashmir).

    So far as the Indian air strike is concerned, it took place at 3.45 a.m. today. This is the first time IAF crossed the border after the 1971 war. According to the first report, 245 terrorists have reached to their creator. Sincerely hoping that the number increases quickly.

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    This was to happen sooner or later. You are coming in our country and killing so many innocent people - such a cowardly act.

    Now who will tolerate and till when?

    Now, our army has given a small sample to them and if they do not come under a groove, they will face the consequences.

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    I think the army has taken a good step. Enough time has been given to them and we have tolerated them a long. How long we should be suffering. Many innocent people are losing their lives. The step taken by the government is to be appreciated. Our army has given them a good return.
    Now our army should be alert and should be able to take any action as required at any point of time. It is good that our army shot down a drone of Pakistan.
    Further there some reactions from the other side also. So our army should be alert and should see that the terrorists from the neighbouring countries will never venture to enter in our area.
    I hope the whole world will be with us and definitely, every country will teach a lesson to Pakistan for promoting terrorist activities from their country.

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    Ms. Bhatt and Dr. Rao: This time action has been taken by the Indian Air Force. Have you enjoyed the fireworks being shown in the television?
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    I know that the action has been taken by IAF. I referred to the army generally. Unfortunately, I couldn't see the news on the screen as I am in the office. After going back in the evening I will try to see the same. Anyhow a fit answer has been given by our defence forces to them. Let us wait for further proceedings in the next 2 or 3 days.
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    This should not stop. There should be a bombardment of terrorist camps in Pakistan regularly every day. Our Airforce should relax only after ensuring that all the terrorist camps have been crushed. Else we should declare war with Pakistan.
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    Thanks to the Supreme Lord that there are no causalities & at the same time the message has been clearly sent on the other side of the possible repercussions.

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    So this means Pakistan is ready for another war? A war-like scenario would now be very unfortunate. So I would like the nations to be diplomatic and respect each other. This kind of cross border activity would spell war. And if Pakistan is trying to breach borders like this again and again then it is clear that Pakistan is feigning its ignorance about terrorism. I wish peace talks are held and both nations cooperate in eliminating terrorist bases.
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    That should have done by us long way back. But that was a great move. Hope so Pakistan might have known by now that we are not going to sit quietly in future too if they continue to train people to spread terrorism in our country.

    Now we should be extra conscious and should ensure tight security across the border because Pakistan will definitely do something bad for us.

    I appreciate the decision of the attack to show the world that we are capable of destroying people who will create nuisance in our country. We dont need anyone's support for it.

    Also, i appreciate our PM to take such a rigid decision against Pakistan. He surely has won the heart of the public by this decision and somewhere he has ensured that he will remain PM after this election.

    Although they have claimed that approximately 300 terrorists got killed but i feel there might be much more casualties in the operation.


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