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    Why not start co-operatives of persons with different skill sets?

    The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has tried to do something to train, systematically, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, motor mechanics, drivers, and other such other skilled personnel. One really does not know what happened to this initiative.

    In India, we do have the co-operative moment that is very strong. For instance, in most of Tamil Nadu, the local co-operative banks give crop loans to local farmers. They are often given some sort of training as well. These co-operative societies bank of what is given to them for the loans: the jewellery of farmers. Such jewellery loans are given rather religiously.

    Why not have co-operatives where the skill-sets of different trade people are encouraged? Why not we have a methodology to pool such resources and have fixed rates for anyone engaging their services? A portion of their earnings could go back to the co-operatives. The arrangement should be similar to that of the self-help groups.

    Members who know the legal position, may please do comment on the feasibility of this idea.
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    Presently some works like plant maintenance or some other related works are being out sourced to outside some small companies. Basically these companies will have a pool of pool of different trades. The company will deputy the required persons to the worksite. Here the payment by the company will go to the manpower supplier. He will make the salaries payment to the employees and he will have his share of profit. The author is referring this type of concept only. But who will manage these cooperatives. How their salaries and other expenses will come? If the other expenses are high paying correct salaries to the people will be difficult. Anybody interested to do this type of work they can float a company with two or three directors and pool the pool from different fields and can do the works.
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    It is a good idea to develop cooperatives on these lines but what will be the modality of their functioning and way of honest governance is always a big question.

    The profit generated by the cooperatives should be properly distributed to the stake holders and no money should be siphoned out by the dishonest elements.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    This is a very good idea but there is a need of a coordinator who can assemble these skilled people under one umbrella and market their work and then share the revenue in a cooperative based model.

    Some entrepreneurs can have this innovation in the places where there is a congregation of such skilled people and also good market for their work.

    This may need help from some big NGO or state Govt also but the thing is until the management is not done in a professional and business type of manner such endeavours may not success commercially.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This is a workable proposition. In Kerala a cooperative society concentrate on development based activities and the membership is for such technical and para technical personnel. It is an old society established in the year 1925.
    Uralungal Labour Contract Cooperative Society, is at present the largest such society in Asia. The number owned and the number controlled cooperative is in the forefront of infrastructure development in Kerala, since 1925. It has completed 6500 projects and is attending to 150 or more projects at present. Kilometres of roads, bridges, buildings and several other infrastructure development activities are undertaken. Uralungal cyber park at Calicut is one among them. The details can be available in the website.


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