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    Most of the astrologers predict Modi as PM

    Dear All,
    Most of the reputed and renowned Astrologers in India from the North and the South predict that Narendra Modi will continue to be PM of India despite the opposition parties unity to defeat BJP and Modi.

    What is your prediction? What do you foresee?
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    I was pretty sure that Modi would win again until the recent elections. It is clear that flame of Congress is yet to die in north and north east. With proper campaigning a coalition of Congress and other parties might actually win against BJP. The problem is not all ministers of BJP share the same goal, but we all know all the ministers in Congress share the same goal. In politics team work is everything. So I would say Congress is not going to disappoint this time.
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    Members! Let's enjoy the ''killing touch''. Let's celebrate the killing of around 250 sub-humans. We will talk about the election tomorrow, day after tomorrow.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    No doubt after the decision of the latest air attack I think it's sure that he will be the next PM of India. I feel it's Rahul Gandhi who is destroying the image of Congress. Let's see what happens. Not only the astrologers even the common people think and wish that Mr Modi becomes the next PM.

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    It is the first time in the history of our country that we have taken a bold and serious action against the terrorists. This is definitely going to give an advantage to Mr Modi in the coming elections.

    Terrorism is a problem in many countries of the world and India and Pakistan both are facing this. The only difference is some terrorists are hiding in Pakistan and Pakistan is well aware of it and even supporting them.

    Now India can, with its strong military force, attack the hideouts in Pakistan to kill the chief of these terrorist groups so that their activities halt for some time.

    Due to the politico-social conditions in this part of the world, they will again emerge out but we can buy some time till that phase.

    So, sometimes bold steps are required to be taken.

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    As on date I feel there is no doubt regarding the BJP and Modi. Modi will be the next PM and BJP will be the ruling party. Today the whole country is appreciating the bold step of PM in attacking the terrorists. With this the support for him will increase.
    The other parties have no agenda except defeating BJP. No one talks about the development of the country. I don't think Congress will win this time also.
    There are many points in favour of BJP. With latest Budget, farmers and low income group people are also in favour of BJP. So I am very confident that Modi will become PM again, But in India, in politics, any thing can happen.

    always confident

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    Few days back there was a lot of confusion and uncertainty regarding the coming elections in the country.

    Now the Govt has taken a strong move to combat terrorism and that has made a very patriotic effect on the people and they all are very much impressed with the boldness and firmness of Mr Modi.

    In this situation, the benefit and mileage will be for the ruling party and due to the ignition of public sentiments, we should not be surprised if BJP sweeps in the coming polls.

    The astrologers will also be happy that their predictions are coming true.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is very difficult to predict what will be the outcome. All opposition parties are up against the present dispensation at the centre and they all have a single point agenda of removing NDA from power. When there is a chorus from almost all the oppositions like these, voters may become confused and we may see a fractured mandate.

    When the opposition doesn't have any agenda other than a few allegations, it may be difficult for them also to keep up a good image. The situation at the borders will have some effect on the minds of the voters especially after the mindless criticism by a few of the opposition leaders who think that the Pulwama attack was politically motivated. I hope people must teach them lessons during the polls and will think wisely before choosing their representative. Many political parties are using different tactics to garner votes and they are providing incentives to vulnerable sections of society. I do not know whether astrological predictions come true in case of election results, but this time I think we are going to witness something unusual.


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