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    Even a broken clock is right twice in a day.

    Sometimes in our life, we face few people whom we think are useless and can't perform things in a proper way. Mostly it happens in the offices when we find a subordinate who does work like we wish him to do.

    I have many such people in my office and few of them are totally unreliable and I have to double check their work before finalising their work for further approval.

    But today I noticed that one of my juniors who was in such category has done an assignment nicely and had no flaws in it. I never expected such a flawless assignment from him. This really reminded me of this phrase which says that even a broken clock is right twice in a day which means even the people whom we think are useless are sometimes useful for us.

    What's your opinion on this?
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    This is a very well known saying. But I have a small difference of opinion. A broken watch shows correct time without its action. It is happening on chance. Similarly we may be also doing certain things correctly by chance. A person who is good at a work will always be doing the things correctly. Sometimes they may also do some mistakes. But a person who is not good at work will do many mistakes. Only by chance he may be doing it correctly.
    Another type of people are there. They have the strengths and they can execute the work with perfection. But they may be taking the things lightly and they are not concentrating on their works many times. Then chances of mistakes are very high.

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    Yes, the broken clock is correct twice during the whole of 24 hours. Now, if you keep on hanging that broken clock on the wall it means you have a plan to repair it or replace its batteries but not getting enough time to do it. Actually, I would say no person is useless as long as he is in between activities. Maybe his way of doing things is not liked by us and the person himself maybe not at all serious about the job he is doing.

    There are people around us who are like this and because of the way they do things we think they are useless. I know it is very irritating for others if somebody is always casual in her/his activities and people make fun of such people. Rather than terming them absolutely useless, we may try to find out what is the reason behind this casual approach or whether there is any other work in which we can utilize them. Maybe the person is least interested in the job she/he is doing and that's why behaving in such a way. You can think of giving those persons some other responsibility by shifting them from their present one and observe whether it makes any difference in their behaviour.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Every person however useless he may be will have some area of strength.

    A good manager has to locate and find out the strong areas of the employees and take work from them in that arena only. This is the way many managers derive optimal performance from their employees.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Office work requires precision and clarity of matter. It takes time to learn the tricks of the trade and gain experience. All the employees will not be equally efficient and intelligent and with time a clear distinction will be emerging out between them and a manager can assess that very easily.

    So a shrewd and efficient manager in his hurry to get the work done fast assign it to the most reliable and already proved good hands in the office. This actually deprives the others to get a chance to complete the said job.

    In certain conditions when no efficient employee is available for the job the manager will assign it to the second line of competence and if they deliver a good performance he might be surprised by that.

    So we should not underestimate the people as sometimes they may give good results.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Very well said Sanjeev, what we sometimes think worthless and obsolete proves to be well acquainted and fairly capable of doing certain things nicely.

    But such cases are rare and not every one surprises us with this by doing something not expected from him. We should appreciate such an average or below average talent and encourage him for doing even better in life.

    Sometimes a capable and intelligent person legs behind an average individual with his surprising but helpful tips to do certain things more efficiently and himself proves how things can be done properly.

    We should never underestimate any person because every individual has a certain level of intelligence to do certain work as per their talent and capability.

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