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    Which is your favourite book?

    Reading is a great habit. Books are actually the treasure house of information and knowledge and by reading them we gain immensely.

    Those who have interest in reading go through many books but some of them leave an indelible mark in their memory and they remember it often.

    In my case one such book which I still remember is Discovery of India by J. L. Nehru.

    Which is your favourite book read so far? Can you share the name of book here?
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    I also read quite a bit. But I don't read novels and other books. I read poetry books in Telugu written by famous authors and other classical and historical books I read. I read small stories that are being published in weekly journals.

    I like the famous Telugu book written by Bammera Pothanamathya. The name of the book is Andhra Mahabhagavatam. I memorise many poems in that book. Another book I like is Andhra Kabila Charithra written by Madhunapantula Satyanarayana Sastry.

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    I have good interest in reading and I do not know how many books I have read, especially novels and fictions, in hindi as well as in english.

    Though many of them are still in my memory and impressed and influenced me in many ways from inspiration and motivation to pure entertainment, still I want to mention one which really affected me for a long time with its depth of human sentiments and behavior.

    This book was 'Gunahon ka Devta' in hindi written by Dharmveer Bharti. If you translate this title in english it means God of misdeeds or God of mistakes but I am still not very clear how the title was related to the story.

    It is a magnificent story of a boy who falls in love with the daughter of his professor. The subtle relations between them are depicted in the best of literary form. The narrative is engrossing and captivating. Sometimes I wish to write a review of same.

    The book was published in the year 1949 and after that there are more than 50 editions already printed due to the great demand of the book.

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