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(Topic based month end TOW contest for Feb'19 (Special prize Winner))
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    A falsely accused wink

    It is very windy today. The clouds look pregnant with precipitation. Maybe it will rain today. This chaotic atmosphere has forced me to shelter myself in a bus stop. The street is pretty desolate since its 3 in the afternoon. A girl comes running to the same shelter. The winds show no sign of subsiding. The sand on road gets picked up and launched at different directions. Despite having my eyes shielded by my glasses, some granules found their way past my eyelids. They get stuck in crevices of my right eye and start irritating. The girl on the other hand was smart enough to have her face covered with a scarf. I rub my right eye but only ended up injuring it. My knuckles from outside and the granules from inside kept pressuring my right eye. I noticed that the girl was seeing me. I stopped my rubbing for few seconds and replied her glance by giving one. She thought I was winking at her because of my right eye. She looked at me for a couple of seconds. Then she turned her face away and never looked at me again.
    I began to wonder how she looked. The clouds unzip when I thought that and rain started to pour at full force. "Should I talk to her? We have been standing here for an hour now", I thought to myself. I took few drops of rain and poured them in my right eye. This did the trick and removed the particles.
    I looked at her and tried to utter a word. She grasped I was going to talk and rushed out of the bus stop timidly. Getting wet in pouring rain. Why did she do that?
    Because we were alone in an empty street? Because she had a job? Because she doesn't talk to strangers? Or because she thought I was winking at her earlier?

    (This fictional piece is my entry for TOW contest.
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    Yeah I am aware there are many mistakes. But I am currently unable to edit them in my phone. I'll edit them later.
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    A gripping story. Human sentiments and expressions well narrated.

    Winking is still considered a bad gesture in the society and can have associated ulterior motives.

    We should refrain from intentional winking.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Obviously, you winked while seeing her so she turned her face and didn't look at you in that one hour. Winking is not considered good. Also when no one was there on the bus stop except both you so maybe she was scared that you may not do anything bad to her.

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    Winking is traditionally an offending sign if you use it on the opposite sex but people use it within friends and relatives in emphasising their point or showing their clever motives. In a group of friends while talking informally, it is very common.

    So if the girl has taken it as an offending sign, it is not her fault. But once she knows that it was inadvertent, she will be back to her normal poise.

    These things happen in our life when we meet people for the first time and due to some unintentional gesture, a mishap takes place creating doubt and confusion in the minds of the strangers. We should forget it as a bad dream as it was totally unintentional and devoid of any malice in our mind. Getting an opportunity in future, we should try to clear this from the mind of that person.

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    In our society we will consider winking as a bad trait. So nobody likes to do it especially to the other gender. In this story even though the person is not winking, because of the problem he is having in his right eye it appeared as if he is winking. So nothing wrong in the thinking of the girl.
    A nice narration and good thought by the author.

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    Before passing on any comment with regard to winking, the analyser has to take the entire situation for the critical analysis and in fact, there was a greater room for the confusion at the first glance to ascertain the facts. The girl might not go in depth for the real cause leading to such an ackward situation. The story is itself very lucid sketching some bizarre incident and it is not very unusual that such recurrence would not happen even though in isolated circumstances.

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    A very good narration. Winking at an unknown person is something that everybody finds very confusing. When the unintentional wink occurred, the girl found it offending and that's why never looked at the stranger for a second time. She never thought of running away since it was windy outside and it was about to rain.

    Now, when she guessed the stranger, who unintentionally winked at her once, is going to have a chat she felt uncomfortable and left the place without giving it a second thought. The crimes against women are on the rise and that's why she needs to be careful every time. She felt unsafe at that moment and ran away.


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