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    Should media disclose Surgical strike places from where they take off and tactics to Public?

    Should media disclose Surgical strike places from where they take off and tactics to Public? Nowadays you can see all news channel speaking much on most of tactics and tricks which Indian Air-force used for Surgical strike.

    I think only limited things should expose by media . Whats your views on this matter?
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    A very sensible thread. The media must not mention the airbases from where the aircrafts flew for the strike. This is necessary if we want more dead bodies across the border.
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    Defence secrets, especially the attack methods, techniques, tactics, what, where, when and how should never be shared or discussed and should not be published. Media should not try to score points through defence secrets. Defence authorities should keep the media away from them. It was a well-accomplished mission, and its secret should not be revealed. Even telling the world that at......hrs, Mirage...... with payload......Kgs were used etc is incorrect.

    "We have sent the terrorists who killed our 40 CRPF men, to the hell" - should be the simple message to the world.

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    No defence tactics should be made public. It's for our own safety because if the strategies or the next course of action is known, the enemies will be able to know about it in advance and the mission will remain unsuccessful.

    Many news channels bring in former defence personnel to analyze the situation after an attack and the journalists ask them questions about the expected course of actions after such military actions. The media may try to score some brownie points by revealing all these issues relating to our internal security which they must avoid. Along with the countrymen, all others throughout the world can also watch these programs. There may be certain restrictions in place to transmit the signals of those channels outside the country but through the web, people can watch things from anywhere. The media must show enough restraint while reporting matters related to the country's internal security and defence tactics.


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    Defense strategies and war tactics are of confidential nature and should not be made public. The TV channels in order to increase their TRP sometimes go beyond the limits and start telling more than required sometimes created by their own imaginations.

    Anything which is related to national security and safety should not be disclosed in public. It is the fundamental thing which citizens as well as TV channels should take care.

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    Yes. This information should not be openly discussed. If this information somehow goes to the other side of the border they will try to attack those places and we may get handicapped. This will male our country to suffer . The defence people should not give this information to media till the condition improves and normalcy restored at least.
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    Ofcourse disclosing the army bases is not a good option. But media definitely should disclose the other details, like the payload, the target intercepted, the time of interception and etc. Which it did this time wonderfully.
    The army personnel can narrate all their crazy adventures in the interviews later, probably during the awarding ceremony. But at the same time a show off of our arsenal is required, to a limited extent only, for an example our fighter jets can be displayed and disclosed. This can be called an act of intimidation. This might strike fear in the hearts of future assailants. They would think twice before committing such horrendous crimes.

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    Absolutely media should not disclose all the things to the public as it may get leaked to our enemies and may be targetted. On the day when India did air strikes, all the TV news channel showed the report whole day highlighting the news regarding our airbases revealing the city where they are located.

    News channels could have shown the news revealing fewer details as it's or no use to show to the public.


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    Yes As per my views also media should not disclose many things but they mostly disclose all tactics what input they received. If tactics and tricks will be secret then its can be implement next time also.
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    Our media is too irresponsible when it comes to matters of security. Why blame them alone when some people are hungry for publicity?

    I was going through a Facebook post which had quoted the interrogation of Wing Cdr Abhinand Varthaman by the Pakistan Army wherein to a question as to which part of India he belongs to, he politely but sternly responds that he need not disclose the same to them. The second part of the post shows our media blurting out that they are reporting from the house of Wing Cdr Abhinand at '................'. The post ends with a thank you note from the Pakistan side.

    I think that says it all. Media needs to be controlled. They are just bothered about 'breaking news' and are least bothered and mostly unaware of the strategical importance or implications of what they are reporting.

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    An excellent question, I firmly believe that these are instances wherein the media/ reporting should be more mature, keeping in mind the gravity of the situation, key people involved etc.

    The information given should be censored to the brief note about what happened and when. We need to have fancy charts and simulated models of aircraft taking off, names of the bases and other specific details.

    Further on, there is no need to have the continuous breaking news headlines, the build up to the surgical strike and the diversionary tactics.

    While discussing about surgical strikes, it's a cause for concern that people are questioning the very occurrence of the strike and it's even more surprising that movie makers are queuing up to make a movie based on the surgical strike even when the dust hasn't settled on this recent escalation of the tension along LoC.

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