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    The broken relationships, whose fault is it?

    Nowadays, communication with the people we are close to is decreasing day by day. As a result, either we get detached or they leave. Sometimes, we too try to explain our situation, trying to save the breaking relationship. And, many times we save it, but, at times, we lose the person too.
    There are misunderstandings, wrong assumptions, and, we are too, aware of them. But, instead of solving them, many times we ignore the problems. Maybe due to the rough behavior of the other person, or that they hurt us badly. We sometimes avoid communicating, which results in the breaking of the bond.
    Whose fault is it? Ours, who knew everything, but were too hurt to communicate? Or theirs, who misunderstood, and broke us?
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    The relationship is based on love, trust, mutual faith and sacrifice. If these elements are missing then there is always a danger of a split.

    Ego and false anticipations and apprehensions are also responsible for breakups.

    It requires a lot of patience and endurance to keep cordial relations between two individual especially when they are husband and wife.

    This relationship is connected with a delicate thread which can be broken even with the small offense.

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    It's not possible to pinpoint whose fault it is. For any relationship, there must be a perfect understanding. These understandings depend on the types of relationships and every relationship is unique. There must be proper communication in all the relationships and if the communication somehow breaks the relationship suffers.

    When there is a gap in any relationship somebody has to take a call to save the relationship. Now if both the persons start to think that it is the other person's responsibility to initiate the call then it is easily understood that both of them are at fault. You may call this situation like who is going to bell the cat. This is going to increase the gap and when someone thinks that there is a strain in the relationship, she/he should take the initiative to start the communication. When the relationship is between two, both have the responsibility to make the relationship wonderful and keep it going.


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    Most of the relationships break because of our ego. We feel that we are right but we may not be. Even if we know that we are wrong we never want to apologise. Same with the person with whom we may have misunderstandings.

    It's very obvious we may get hurt with others but that doesn't mean we break the bond for very small issues. We must analyse the situation and should always regret our mistakes. If someone is wrong we should try to forgive him and should be conscious next time so that we may not get hurt with that person.

    I easily forgive people because I dont believe on breaking the relations as these are not made easily. We should always try to communicate and try to resolve the things as soon it happens because most of the conflicts resolve when we talk to each other not when we dont talk and end relationship.


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    Relationship demands a lot of trust, mutual love and passion and all these attributes keep the relationship smooth. In practical - life, we face a lot of struggle such as long working hours, engagement in such tasks which may further deteriorate the relationship.
    Initially, we can patch up the strained relationship with some ready made explanations but later such explanations don't work despite our best effort to normalise the relationship.
    To nurture the relationship, communication is the vital point to maintain the same. It may be that the other party is expecting that initiative is to be taken from the other end only for the resumption of dialogue. In this process, the communication channel gets affected and the relationship ends up with a total break

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    Generally, both the parties will be at fault if the relationship gets broken.

    For a relationship to sustain mutual cooperation is mandatory.

    Fault finding will only deteriorate the situation. What is required is to solve the problem with dialogues and positive approach.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    To keep up the relationship is always important. But it is very difficult. If both the parties are interested to maintain the relationship it will become easy. Otherwise it is difficult to have cordial relations. Depending on the other person's mentality we can try to adjust to the maximum extent possible. But if both are short tempered the relationship may not lost.
    Even though the other person is wrong sometimes we may have to maintain low to keep up the relationship. As maintaining relationships are very important we can take the other things secondary. When the other person is very angry we can keep silent and after a while once his anger will come down and then we can make him to understand the actual position.

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    I think it all depends on the thought process of an individual. The way a person looks at the society and people in it results in different kind of behaviour with different people. Some people make friends and treat everyone equal while some make different categories. They care differently based on their requirement. They may be very good to someone but they can also behave miserably to a person if he or she is not that important. Some people do not let relations break so easily and some show selfishness and do not care. The world has become more practical. They want to think oy about relations which are of use to them. Important is to have good people in our life. We should be with people who are also caring towards our feelings ,helping in our bad days and not just demanding .

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