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    Many of them have to make stories to continue the show

    Actually, it's their job. They are doing it all the time, 24*7*365 without any break. Intermittent breaks are there for commercials, other than that they are doing the same thing throughout the day. The presenter changes, but at times they are repeating the same thing over and over again which is sufficient to make a person feel bored. If there is any significant political/social development their activities intensify. If you couldn't get who I am referring here then I think you have not followed their activities minutely. I am talking about the functioning of news channels.

    They break news as well as make the news. Yes, many of them make news in the sense that they dish out stories which are not worthy of being termed as any piece of news. They cook up stories also to meet their own goals. There are supporters of the ruling dispensation as well as the opposition and they continuously sing paeans of them. Maybe it's their survival tactics or is it a secret agenda to maintain the balance? I wonder!

    I found something very interesting here. There are a number of news channels including national and regional ones and they have to be active 24*7*365. Are there so many things happening all around which is worth sharing through a news channel? Possibly no and that's why many channels are blurting out things that many find irritating. Members, do you agree to this?
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    Yes. They will not have news to give all the time. So they have to find out some or other news to fill the gaps. So they will be trying to give all unimportant news or they will be repeating the news again and again. As mentioned by the author it is very irritating.

    That is why these days many people stopped watching the news channels. They take a single piece of news, they will call 3 or 4 local party people and will start discussion for hours together. There will not be any conclusion and the anchor will say something and close the discussion.

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    Too many news channels and channels having ample time to broadcast same news programs is one of the reasons of this over indulgence in crafting and reshaping the news to woo the audience.

    They can, if they want, show some historical and knowledge programs and in between give the news capsules so that people are not irritated with high doses of same thing from morning to evening. To fill the time, they in fact call some experts or leaders or persons related to that field and go on endless repetitions of their thoughts in the matter.

    This requires major revamping of the TV channels and is a matter linked to the advertisements and marketing so it is not going to be an easy job to bring change to this boring pattern.

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    Yeah. They won't always have news to give. So some or other news must be found to fill the gaps.

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