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    How to remove negative thoughts?

    Brooding is purposeless thinking which takes us towards failure and disappointment. Our mind consciously and unconsciously creates thoughts all day long. As per research it was estimated that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day which means 2500 – 3,300 thoughts per hour. So it become important to control our mind and unnecessary thoughts it creates. Either "We control our mind" or mind will control us. Hence, constructive thinking become important to have a better understanding of life and self. Purposeful thinking is very important to remove negative thought from mind. Thinking with purpose and with right perspective is a key to positive thoughts as one purposeful thought leads to another purposeful thought. So we must make it a habit to check each of our thought and rejecting negative thought as a poison to our physical and mental health.
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    Negative thoughts are never good. These thoughts will demotivate us and we may lose interest in that particular work. So we should be away from such thoughts. When we plan for a particular aspect we will do the planning thinking that we will be successful. We should not approach the problem with a doubt of our success.
    A work started well will be completed well. A work started with a doubt may not be completed positively..

    always confident

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    Removing negative thoughts from our mind is the biggest challenge of our life.

    Thoughts will come randomly in our mind and sometimes the negative thoughts may also lead to depression and mental setbacks.

    So, what is required is one has to keep oneself engaged in creative and satisfying activities. That is the tested method of keeping the wandering thoughts away from the mind.

    Keeping busy in livelihood activities and hobbies both are required to pass the time constructively.

    Empty mind is devil's workshop. One must avoid sitting idle and without work because doing so is the most pathetic and miserable thing in our life.

    All problems start from emptiness of the mind.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Negative thinking is obsolete and totally bad. Mostly when a person is idle and not busy with any kind of a job, negative thoughts come to mind.

    It also important we try to stay positive and share the optimism for the creative and developmental processes. Any positive thought elevates your soul and you feel happy. A feeling of excitement bring all the prosperity-positivity is such a great thing!

    Negative ideas always keep an individual in a bad mood. No charm in his face and only pessimism and ugly feeling are brewing inside.

    We should at all cost try to replace negativity and endorse the positive thinking which is better for the personality of an individual.

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    Need to busy in your own job.

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    During one of the session in a class, a teacher refer the students to the big white board having one black dot in it & goes on asking for their opinions. All the students got attracted to that small dot only while leaving the rest of the spaces. The same is the case with any of us too that we leave behind with the positive side of our life & simultaneously keep on consuming with the negative thoughts & than one day we come to realize that the life is no good which is quite evident of with the actions & thoughts that we keep ourselves busy with. In few of the above responses the members have clearly identified with its advantages & disadvantages on our overall personality which will certainly get reflected through our behavior & attitude with creating a different image of ours altogether & coming over it wouldn't be easy as it seems to be but the best way to deal with it is to move to the creative things around with believing in the possibilities rather than keep on thinking on "not possible". But above all we need to be practical in life with the lessons learnt to be implemented at once & not giving the repetitions to the silly mistakes.

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    If you do not think in a negative way and always think positively there is no need to remove negative thinking. Yes, it's not very easy to always think in a positive way but one has to try to keep the negative thoughts away when it is disturbing the mind. Actually, any negative thought comes from certain fear, the fear of not doing the task in a correct way or the fear of humiliation in front of others who you think may look down on you if you are unable to do the job.

    This comes from apprehension and if these negative thoughts continue for a long time, it may lead to anxiety. Many people do not try anything new fearing of failure. They also keep on thinking what others may say if they fail. Now, think of it in this way. As long as you are not trying anything you will never know the outcome. If you are not successful at your first attempt, you have to analyze the reasons for not becoming successful and have to try again putting in place all the remedial actions. Increase your concentration and keep on analyzing things. Do not sit idly by thinking 'I cannot do this'. Go and get up. Give it a try and then only the fear of failure will go.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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