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    We need many more Pad men

    One superb entrepreneur from the lovely city of Coimbatore, the Mecca of entrepreneurship, has earned a great name for his very reasonably priced sanitary napkins. A documentary film has won the Noble prize.

    His name is Muruganandam.

    The fact is we need many more Muruganandam. The beauty of Coimbatore city is that this city has produced so many entrepreneurs who have braved all odds. Most members may not know that it is the largest manufacturer of pumps in India. It is also an educational paradise, with so many superb colleges, most of them in the private sector.

    We need to explore ways and means to encourage the ecosystem of entrepreneurs. If Members know similar entrepreneurs, please do give details so that we can also get to know about other achievers.
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    Kudos to Mr Muruganantham, but Sir, I am hearing this for the first time that a documentary film has got a Nobel Prize. The fact is 'Period. End of Sentence' in which he starred along with a few others won the Academy Awards for becoming the best documentary film.

    There are persons like him coming up from different places with fascinating ideas and doing things which were never thought of earlier. We all need to encourage them and if possible we can also join with them to make the mission successful.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I think the documentary film has been awarded an Oscar also. It is really a mater of pride for all of us that a documenter film from Coimbatore has been adjudged so great.

    We should encourage our artists and other creative people for their work which is being recognised in the global circles.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The documentary won the Oscar award in its class. But the movie was not given any Nobel prize. I think it is not correct. I am very happy to note that a documentary film from Coimbatore got such a great prize.
    In Hyderabad, one of my friends is making documentary movies and keep them on youtube. Like this, these days many people are making videos and earning good money.
    We should see that people with talent should be encouraged so that they will get developed and may win good awards. These days there are many chances to people with some special distinction to shine because of various TV channels.

    always confident

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    The good thing is that we got so many of them around us but on the contrary not existing for us because of a simple reason that we don't have an attraction or status like that of a celebrity & therefore they went unnoticed even in the case that they come across to us. All such individuals are working selflessly throughout their lives & this is what the remarkable aspects of them. In here if I refer the name Jayaram Banan, then perhaps no one would be able to recognize him but when added with, the owner of a chain of restaurants, star-category hotels, budget hotels & canteens at industrial establishments with having the brand name of "Sagar Ratna" than no one would deny for being unknown to this.

    I have referred to him because he struggled much before he reached to the present recognition & even in the meantime he distributes quality food at the lowest price in his native place. In different instances, we got doctors who doesn't charge anything in case the woman gave birth to a girl child or there is someone who distribute free medicines to the needy & poor individuals. The instances can be numerous but recognizing them for their great job is what we are missing from the records.

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