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    Why can't UGC directly appoint Vice-Chancellors?

    To this day, the UGC is the only Apex body that determines many things about higher education. Even the scales of pay are determined by the UGC.

    However, since education is also a State subject, in Tamil Nadu, the Vice-Chancellors had paid some forty crores to get the position and even those who did not even merit to be there were appointed by the most corrupted AIADMK Government.

    All this has changed only now, with the Governor intervening and appointing someone who really has merit. This has happened in the case of the prestigious Anna University.

    To avoid even the Governor's intervention, why not the UGC be empowered to appoint a committee and chose the Vice-Chancellors? Once the decision is made, the Governor should only okay the decision.

    What do members have to say on this? After all, the UGC has too many brilliant experts who had already contributed so much to academic excellence. For example, there are too many experts in the Universities in economics with a superb record of specializations in Economics and many are still advisors to World Bank.

    We need zero corruption in education. The States can be stripped of their powers in this regard.
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    Sivakumar, I don't think it is the state government that appoints a Vice-Chancellor. It is the Governor, in his capacity as the Chancellor, who selects and appoints one from a list provided to him by a selection committee that is constituted by the state as per the laws in force. The Chancellor has the right to reject all the names and to ask for a fresh list in case he is not satisfied. With established procedures and laws in place, I do not understand why you want the UGC to intervene.
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    It is correct. The governor is the Chancellor of the University of the state. The government will appoint a committee to suggest some suitable names to Governor from which he will select the final candidate. These days we are seeing paper advertisements also asking eligible candidates to apply for the Vice Chancellor posts and the committee will conduct interviews and select a list. But in making the shortlist a lot of political interference will be there and good amounts will be at stake. The Governor may go as per the suggestion of the Chief Minister or Education Minister. In this process, I have seen in many Universities many people who are not fit for the post are getting selected.
    It will be really good if UGC takes over this issue and see that there will not be any political interference. But it will not happen and these days the teaching staff appointments are also having a lot of political interferences and money moment is also there. It is very prominent in many universities these days.

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    As far as I understand, in Kerala, the Vice Chancellors are appointed by the Governor of the State. The selection will be from a panel consisting of three names, submitted by a Committee appointed for this purpose. This committee will have three persons, one suggested by the Senate of the University, one suggested by the Syndicate of the University and third a representative of the State Government. From among these names the Governor of the State, who is the Chancellor of the University will select the name of the VC to be appointed. Naturally this shows that the UGC has no role in the appointment of a Vice Chancellor of a University. In order to change this, the Acts and Statutes of the Universities will have to be changed.

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