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    What can be the lovely dinner time sans the TV serials?

    Of late, dinners with family members are becoming very rare. In those good old times, just around four or even three decades ago, I still remember that the family members would be huddled together to discuss so many things and also enjoy all the fun.

    Today, TV serials do seem to be the main culprit. At least in Tamil, the most interesting and "thrilling" TV serial from a major channel, is aired only at 8 PM. There could be possibly less traffic for the vital 30 minutes up to 8.30 PM, as most of the entire population would keenly observe what would happen to the so many sub-plots in the serial.

    However, do members have good experiences even today? And if yes, how they get to engage all family members in the discussion and fun over dinner?
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    It can be done just like before, as you have already mentioned in the thread that earlier all the family members used to come together at the dinner table and have dinner together with discussions and fun. It is always a good way and people seems to be forgetting this particular get together. I am saying this a get together because all the family members remain busy throughout the day and only at the dinner table they get a chance to talk to each other and have fun.

    Nowadays, family members are either busy watching the serials or fiddle with their smart mobile devices even while having their food. It's always important to have discussions with the family members on different issues and one has to take the initiative to implement this again in their family. While one will take initiative, the others must cooperate to bring back this usual daily get together. If all the members of a family have dinner together along with the usual fun filling activities for a couple of days, I hope this may become the usual way within a short period.

    You can try this method. There are so many interesting threads and articles posted here in ISC. If you have no topic to discuss, just select any interesting/funny one that you have read recently and ask for others' opinion while having dinner.


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    Smartphones and TV serials have adversely affected the dinner time gossips and talks in the families. People are without any business glued to their gadgets and each individual is behaving as if he is doing something very important and he has no time to even respond to the question of the other family member.
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    Smartphones and TVs are spoiling the family life. In a family, everyone will have a smartphone. Evenings after coming back from the offices, everyone will sit with their smartphones and go on chatting with somebody or other. But they will never see into the face of the family member who is sitting by his side and enjoying his smartphone view. This is the general aspect of any family.

    Fortunately, no one from my family is having any interest in TV programmes and our TV will be off only many times. But all will be having their phones. All of us has taken a decision that while taking the dinner we all should be together. No cellphone with anybody till dinner is completed. This is being followed without fail and generally, we will be spending about 40 minutes for our dinner. During that period we all will be discussing and enjoying the food.

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