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    What determines the success of a person?

    Some years ago, success was directly measured by the quality of educational qualifications one had and the job he or she held. Sometimes, if the person were to work in the USA, that would be really counted as a big parameter of success.

    This seems to have changed over the past two decades. Most people seem to have accepted corruption as a fact of life. Those who are rich by hook or crook are also held in high esteem.
    There might be some back-biting about the unethical means adopted by a particular person or persons. However, even in marriages and other social functions, including temple functions, the particular person is given maximum importance.

    Is this the right attitude? Why are we not able to lay stress on values, even among the rich? What do members have to say on this issue?
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    I do not know whether there is any parameter to measure success. It is the tendency of many to think of success as that particular thing which she/he doesn't have but the others possess. For example, when a student couldn't score well in the examination, for her/him the student who scored good marks is successful. Same is the cases in terms of any kind of job. If somebody has achieved a higher position in a big organization he is successful to those of his batchmates/friends who couldn't achieve that position within that period.

    What I found is most of the people's perception about success is some kind of comparison between them and the others. Suppose if you are earning 50K per month and another person known to you is earning 90K per month, you may think the other is more successful without paying any heed whether you can manage the show with the pay package or what are the options for you to pursue your dreams. If people stop comparing themselves and concentrate on the things they are doing in a much better way then everybody can become successful. As long as this comparison will stay, somebody will always be more successful than you.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Success is something which makes life full of satisfaction and sense of achievement. Success is not only monetary. It could be something like spiritual, gaining knowledge, serving humanity, helping others and things like that after which one gets a good sleep and feeling of well done and attainment.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    In my opinion, success is nothing but fulfilling our desires. Reaching our goals or targets can be the success. For example, if I decided a goal of achieving 80% marks in my examinations, getting that 80% is a success for me. But If I have a goal of getting 80% but if I get only 75% it is not a success.
    Success brings satisfaction. It brings happiness. Some people may like to earn money and they feel they are successful if they earn that whether they earn it ethically or not. But as far as I am concerned, earning lots of money unethically is not a success.

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