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    Winking, A gift of nature- use it wisely.

    Among different definitions about human being one I like is, "Man is a symbolic animal". In this regard when I thought about the winking then I found that it is a natural tendency of human being to react the situation in symbolic form. Wink is a symbol used which means different meaning in different situation where wink was applied. Wink is used to express the purpose of human thoughts. If not properly interpreted, winking may cause difficult situation. Winking may be used for joking or kidding someone. Sometimes it may express silent consent. Actors, great speakers, performers use this natural gift that is winking to express their feeling or excitement. Best example of wink is Priya varrier, become popular by her wink. In the same context M.P. Mr. Rahul Gandhi was also used winking while meeting or hug to P.M. Mr. Narendra Modi. Winking is a nice gift of gesture given to human being by nature. Let us use it for fun, better purpose and not for destructive purpose.

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    Winking which was used by some timid people earlier is now being redefined in its meaning with so much emphasis on its interpretation and use by people at high places.

    I think the author's contention that we should use it in a positive way has got some merit to be thought while using winking.

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    Historically and traditionally, winking was an act of emphasising or mischievous gesture. Some people used it to show that they are smart.

    In society it was not liked especially in a mixed crowd of opposite sexes.

    Now present generation is searching new meanings and dimensions in it and it is being seen and understood in new forms.

    Till these new forms are tolerable and do not contain ulterior motives, there is no harm and we can accept this new gesture in a plain way.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Winking is described very nicely by the author. He narrated the information in a very good way. It is true that winking at opposite sex is found to convey a different meaning and hence winking at them is not desirable.
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    The author has truly stated in this thread that winking should not be used for a destructive purpose. As long as the intention is understood by the winker and the person at whom she/he winks its good.

    The wink may indicate many things and if it becomes a miscommunication, then the problem starts. It is always advisable to use this gesture wisely.


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