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    What could be best activities for Kids in Summer vacations?

    What could be best activities for Kids in Summer vacations? In summer mostly kids enjoy with outdoor games but if you all highlight some ideas to make more fun with our kids and they also can learn something new with fun.

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    There are many options depending upon the time and money in hand but I will prefer if we deploy, during summer vacation, our children in some constructive and creative activity which may give them practical skill and prepare them for their future life.

    Learning and contributing in cleanliness, outing in the woods to learn the flora and fauna in the environment and man other such things can be undertaken and even the parents or family members who are free can join them in that endeavour.

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    We can engage our children in different purposeful activities during a vacation that can not only develop a sense of responsibility but they act like a responsible citizen.

    Encourage children to play some games. It is good to play games of their choice to develop their physique. Playing certain games like cricket and football can develop a sense of mutual cooperation and obedience in children.

    During vacation, children can be taken on a picnic to them happy and provide some spot knowledge of certain projects of their choice.

    It is always good to inculcate good habits in our children because what children learn will remain with them for entire life. If children are given better education and moral lessons they can become great citizens and bring laurels themselves and to parents as well as to the country.

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    During summer vacation we should see that our children will get some recreation and we will see that they should enjoy the holidays. We can send them to their grandparents for some days so that they will enjoy the company of grandparents and the old people also will be happy in spending time with them.
    We can put them in some activities like skating, swimming, out games playing. We can also advise them to learn Yoga and try to practice them for some time every day.
    Parents should spend with them some time and play with them some indoor games like carrom board and chess.
    We should give them some time to play with neighbouring friends. If they are interested we can see that they will some extra languages learning and speaking.
    We should take them to movies and parks and we should not insist on them to read next year class books on the vacation itself. When the holidays just going to be finished then we ask them to look into the requirements for going to the school for the next class.

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    Thanks for Sharing and replied with good thoughts and ideas. I will try to apply some activities .
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    The Summer vacation is comparatively a shorter period & the children of small age should be given a free hand on their end. They must not be burdened with jo bs that they began to feel not interested to the part of their life. Let their mind & body be active for all kinds activities including sports, reading or whatever that feel inclined to. Setting the boundary line & keeping them always with the comparisons will let them narrowed to their thoughts & actions which may not prove helpful during the chasing of high scores.

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