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    Is it self-love or self-obsession ?

    Growing up many of you would have heard words that tell you to be caring and mindful towards the people around you. Many of us try to be as caring as possible but what about your very own self. Children are taught to care for another but not for themselves(on an emotional level). Caring for your own self that is self-love is a concept which is very recent and is still a mystery to some. While people practice self-love(me included) I have seen other(those who don't) criticise them and accuse them of being the self-absorbed person. And this led me on the question of whether self-love is similar to self-obsession.
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    Self-respect and self-caring are very important for everybody these days. We should care for ourselves. We should take care of our health. We should love ourselves. We should always try to be happy. This is can't be selfish. But thinking of our own selves at the cost of others is not a good trait.
    More than caring ourselves we should care for our better half who will do service to you without thinking about himself/herself.
    Self Obsession is something similar to selfishness. Things can get especially bad when self-obsession turns into true narcissism. One should not be selfish but one should not neglect himself. Always there should be a balance.

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    Self-obsession is not a healthy sign for a person but self-caring is. There is nothing wrong in looking after the self-health and always trying to stay fit and fine.

    A person may look after his family members but it's also important to take care of yourself. We can't ignore ourselves, we can work only when we are fit and ready to do certain work.

    Ignoring self is inviting a number of problems which can create hurdles in the development of an individual.

    So always take care of your self and when you are healthy and fit you can very well take care of others. While self-obsession is a problem which needs to be avoided at all cost.

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    There is nothing wrong in loving oneself but the problem comes when it turns into an obsession. Any obsession is not a good thing. It makes us weak and slave of the trait.

    Everyone has some ego and self respect in varying proportion and depending upon that these traits are produced. They are required to some degree otherwise we will not be able to survive in this cruel and difficult world.

    At the same time to much obsession with oneself is an introvert activity and can adversely affect the growth and development.

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    An obsession of any kind is a disorder. An obsession may be defined as a firm, fixed and false beliefs or ideas. This belief or idea can be of some objects, persons or self. So it is clearly understood that obsession is something that is not related to reality.

    But you have to take care of yourself and it is very important when so many people are dependent on you. Yes, we all are dependent on one another whether it is at home or workplace. While working on a particular issue or caring for others, often we neglect ourselves. It has to be avoided for our betterment. If we do not take enough care of ourselves we will become easily tired and cannot continue the work. It is always important to take care of yourself, but never be self-obsessed.


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