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    What makes you laugh?

    There are lots of things that make one laugh. It may be a joke, a funny statement, certain actions of kids and many more. Laughter depends from person to person. For a few it's momentary, for others it may be uncontrollable. It all depends on the situation. When we were kids, at times our teachers used to make funny statements or gave some examples to make things clear that made the whole class laugh. It's natural and I hope most of you have experienced this during your school/college days.

    Not only during our student life but in workplaces also the same thing can happen at times. These are all very natural way of our expression, but at times it may become contagious. The situation may vary, there may not be any funny things visible but by seeing one person laughing in a certain way the others too join in and start to laugh. One interesting thing is that this expression has no age. Though the kids laugh more than the adults, when it becomes contagious it can affect persons of any age. The person who started to laugh first may have some reason, but the rest just follows and it's very interesting. Recently, I was in a situation like this and can't stop laughing. Members, do you have such experiences other than the usual one in your student lives?
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    Laughing is a natural reflex. It works when something amusing or comic happens. It happens spontaneously. We can not force people to laugh.

    No one laughs on serious and sincere matters. It is the jokes and casual remarks which relax the atmosphere and people then start laughing.

    Generally people talk something but do contrary thing. Comedians will expose these people and the spectators will laugh.

    Laughing is definitely a contagious thing and when there is laughter, the whole atmosphere gets involved in it and slowly even the most serious and reserved person joins it.

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    I laugh a lot when someone falls down or trips. I don't know why but I have always found that part funny. I also like puns and witty talks a lot. They make me laugh a lot.
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    Laughing is very good for a person. It will release pressure and make the person relax. It will add value to the face of the individual. If you work with a smiling face the people will get a very good impression on you.
    Some times laugh will come automatically by seeing some incidents or by hearing some voices. When a serious discussion is going on in between one or two funny or witty words will make us a little relaxed and our mind will start working much better.
    Even in movies also we see when the whole situation is very serious the director will try to bring in the comedy actor on to the screen so that the audience will get relaxed for a while. Otherwise, the movie will become very serious throughout and people may not like going.

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    Instant witty comments make me laugh. The innocent activities of children make me laugh too. Decent funny activities and charming back-answers enthral me a lot. I feel disgusted when people enjoy and laugh sleazy remarks and actions.

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    Laughing is a healthy habit to the people. But, laughing without any reason is questionable against everyone. I have experience with laughing can't in a position to cease it. Even it is not dignified one, I could not stop at the instant.

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    Laughing, of course, is contagious. A person starts laughing when he sees someone laughing in front of him but that depends on the person. There are few people who do not like it and they don't even laugh at the best joke. Such people live in their own world and there may be some reason behind it which made them like this.

    I am a different person though. I laugh at small issues also as it makes the environment healthy and takes off the tension which may be going in your as well as other's mind.

    My kids do that for me. They narrate their school incidents in such a way that it makes me laugh all the time. I never get bored by their jokes because with this my mind gets relaxed and refreshed. Also, I like to watch comedy shows and serials more on TV which makes me laugh.


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