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    Winking gesture is getting broader dimensions with time.

    In earlier times winking was not a subject of discussion or writing. It was considered as a mischievous expression or gesture by a few people who were frank and talkative.

    Generally, it was found happening between an informal group of people like childhood friends, youngsters in a locality, a group of local hooligans and similar other groups.

    The traditional hindu society considered this gesture a bit offensive though it was accepted by people to some extent in some of the situation.

    Today the situation in this respect has changed considerably.

    Due to the coverage of winking in the media it has got new dimensions and people are taking it's new meanings and explanations also.

    The media coverage of winking by Priya Varrier showing it as a fashion and style icon made it viral in the media and that was probably the starting point for anatomical discussions and opinions on winking.

    The most amusing and unprecedented was the winking gesture in parliament which paved it's way to such dignified places also. However in that case many people simply took it as a matter of humour only.

    So, with all these developments, winking is taking a new shape where in addition to its earlier meaning some more meanings have been added for public perception.

    This is my entry for TOW contest on 'winking'.
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    The author has narrated about the wink and the changes that are taken place in understanding the same has been narrated. Even today in villages and other places winking will be treated like an unwanted gesture and elders many times advise children not to inculcate the habit of winking.
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    Very nice way of expressing thoughts. I personally like you way of expanding the subject.

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    The thread is well narrated where the author described how winking evolved from previous generations to the present one. With changing times, the meaning also changes and it is always interesting to know why somebody winked.

    It has different meanings in different situations and at times it may become confusing too. Whatever it means in a particular situation, there is some suspense associated with winking.


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