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    We should not go overboard in sensitive matters

    When Wg Cdr Abhinanandan Varthaman was captured by Pakistan, literally every Indian would have prayed for him. This is the beauty of this country. There is no distinction on the basis of color or caste or religion or region when it comes to defending our country.

    It is sad that several Tamil channels gave full details of his family, and put them on Youtube, Facebook or whatever. Should we not have restraint on such matters? Since these matters are very sensitive, it is high time that we have some rules to regulate social media and the electronic media to some extent at least. Even before the Pakistani Army would know about anything, we had it given to them on a platter.

    What do members have to say on this?
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    Yes. Our journalists and players in social media should restrain themselves in revealing sensitive and confidential information on the media. This will make our enemy's life easy. Without any work and without spending any additional time he will get all the information about the person who was in their custody.
    Whatever question asked by them our Wing Commander bravely replied them in such a way that they will not get any information. But unfortunately, our electronic media and social media answered all those questions with all details.
    This shows the immaturity of the people involved in the news channels and their, ignorance or innocence, can't be tolerated. There should be some specific guidelines to be followed by all these people on TV channels, newspapers and social media. The violators should be prosecuted and punished properly so that no other person or organisation will do a similar mistake in future.

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    It's true that many videos are circulating on social media after the capture of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman by the Pakistani army. Actually, the IT ministry has already asked Youtube to remove the links of more than 10 videos related to the capture which is available on their platform. In this thread, it is discussed that sensitive information related to the country's security and military strategy should not be disclosed in public. The number of news channels is increasing and everybody wants to beat the other by circulating certain news thinking they will get the required publicity.

    There are people who are always crazy to know sensitive information and even we have seen videos circulating on social media where people are taking videos of others in distress without bothering to offer help. I call this absolute craziness. There are varieties of people and they will have different mindsets. Knowing this, the media must exercise restraint when things are in their hand. The places of any conflict or security establishments can be accessed by media persons only and they should restrict themselves to show certain things to the public that can create confusion or hamper national security.


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    In simple, our media is hungry and thirsty to have their channel filled with hot news. Whatever they get, they publish. They long for reports. They have no much respect for the emotional feeling of others. Their report helps our enemies in a disguised form. Media should not be allowed to publish matters relating to the defence of India without the approval of Defence Ministry.
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    I agree with the author that he came out with a fact here of the existing irresponsible & insensitive approach of the media. But this is not limited to the media platform instead this has been extended to the political as well as to the entertainment industries too for their inappropriate comments / submissions to the incidences. If we look at it from different angles then we including the government would feel helpless as if this gets objections from either of the agencies than there would be the group who would come out asking for their rights to freedom of speeches & about Indian Constitution and so on. In the present context, the family can well be the target of the enemy countries & therefore some restraint must follow in order to regulate this within the permissible limits.

    I had raised a thread with the same concerns yesterday & how this resulting into weaker stand of ours in the international forum as well but the same got removed. I do feel that often we have to bear with this all.

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    It is equally important to get right the rank and name of the valiant officer, of the Indian Air Force.

    Please note, no rank in the Armed Forces is abbreviated to Com. It is not a rank. It is not a short form for Commander and in this case Wing Commander.

    The short form of Commander is Cdr and Wing Commander is Wg Cdr, though some people do address Wing Commanders as Commanders.

    His name is Wg Cdr Abhinandan Varthaman and not Com. Abhinanandan.

    I had earlier left a comment in another thread on the correct way to address an officer of the Armed Forces.

    Please correct the error in the officer's rank and name.

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    Thank you Madam. I forgot to check the actual official designation. The Tamil channels were screaming with full details. They will now have a field day, going deep into his childhood days at Tiruvannamalai and so on. This is even more annoying.

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    We are habitual of doing things in overdoing mode. Our media is one step ahead in these matters. They can go to any extent if it helps in increasing the TRP.

    Sensitive and other important information should not be shared otherwise people can misuse it.

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