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    Did you stick to your resolution?

    The new year is just not the day of the end of a year of sweet and bitter memories but, also a day of new start and resolutions. We all make resolutions, some might stick to it, some didn't even last till the even. So what was your 2019 resolution and how successful you were to adhere to them?
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    Many people take resolutions mostly in the new year eve, to start the year with a big leap and promises.

    Unfortunately, promises are made to break and resolutions are rarely followed.

    This is the reality of life. In fact, if a person is determined to change his life he need not to wait for the new year rather he can start doing things in a different way from day one.

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    It depends on the person. Not necessarily people make resolutions keeping the new year in mind, they can do it any time. Maybe because we celebrate the new year with a wish that everything will be fine throughout the year and that's why we make resolutions.

    Now suppose a person is a chain smoker and wants to quit smoking. If she/he waits for the new year to make a resolution to quit smoking, I do not know how far this resolution is going to be effective. Personally, my resolutions are not based on a new year rather it depends on the objective. I feel resolution cannot be an event to celebrate. Behind every resolution, there is a strong determination and yes, if I am determined to do or not to do something, I stick to it.


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    It is very easy to have New Year Resolutions. But very difficult to practise. What we need to do is to decipher some areas on which we can work on and have weekly and monthly goals to work on.

    I have just 50 days to go for the magical figure of 365 days to end. Am still left with seventy odd articles to write on. I have huge databases from friends and relatives and from common folk whom I meet so often. Certain experiences are recorded. Everything is based on experiences. So my article writing is centred around finding the meat for my articles. And I get plenty of them when I interact with so many people.

    For example, the amount of research and data on real world experiences is so huge on leadership. Writing up to 250 by 20th April 2019 and completing 500 by end of Dec 2019 is a goal I have set for myself. This is just the one New Year Resolution I have made. I had to read cover to cover a superb book called Triggers. I have just written six articles from this book. I have some forty from where I can write. But reading takes hours and days.

    So I guess this will vary from person to person. And one important resolution. Never ever copy anything from anywhere. This has been my principle for over 30 years now. And I have followed this day after day. That was not a New Year Resolution. That came automatically from the fabulous college called Loyola College, Chennai.

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    For me mathematics is what I live for . And being selected in the Indian IMO team is one of my foremost dreams . My new year resolution was completing the IMO syllabus and getting good at figuring out patterns in mathematical problems . I have my holidays going on and I would be going to ninth grade in March.
    Though i am quite slow in getting a completing understanding of the topics but , I am still working on my goal . I hope to keep my persistence , practice and hardwork going . I amn't sure of being able to be selected or of competing at the IMO yet I hope that this hardwork wouldn't be wasted , it would surely help me to refine my mathematical ability in the near future . And when I think of giving up on the preparation process , then I just repeat the quote in the picture to me .

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    Generally, I am not having the habit of making any resolutions on the new year day regarding that year. for me, January 1st will also go like any other day. My targets will be fixed for the financial year starting from 1st April in the office We have to see that we will reach those goals. There is no exemption in that. In the month of March, we will have a review regarding the previous year's targets and how far we are from the target and is there any problem in reaching the targets will also be discussed. After that, the targets for the next year will be fixed. We will have reviews during the year and see the progress. This is followed in the office.
    But in my personal front, we don't have such targets or resolutions for the year etc. We will take the things as they came and we try to fare the issue in the best possible way and do the needful.

    always confident

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    It is very easy to make resolutions on the new year eve but very difficult to adhere to them. The reason for this is one has to change his habits and other things by doing which only those resolutions can be brought to reality. So definitely it is a tough task.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Making resolutions is always easy but sticking to them is not. I used to make resolution every year but always failed to adhere them. I realized instead of making yearly resolution it is good if i set plan for each day. Best way to that is by making a to-do list for each day and finishing the tasks by the end of the day. It gives you confidence for next day and that is how we can achieve our yearly goal. Small steps towards our goal is important.

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    Most of us make resolutions on the new year but I do not. The reason being I do not have strong will power. Many a time I have made a resolution but I could not stick to it so left making them. It's just like telling a lie with our self when we make a resolution and break it. There are lots of people who have strong will power and stick to it and leave a bad habit or anything else and accomplish it. I remember I made a resolution that I will make a trip outstation every year with my family at least once and I have been doing it for the last 5 years and let's see how much time I will stick to the same.

    I believe we should make a resolution which may be able to fulfil otherwise there is no use of making it. It's just a matter of self-control. People who have it stick to it and those who dont break it.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Many people mix a new year's resolution with the health, educational and financial decisions. This shouldn't be done; waiting for the new year will degrade your current level. These things can be achieved by a kick start and spontaneous efforts.
    moreover, a new year resolution is a decision that helps us to improve our personality. That will help us to have a good bond with others and ourselves.
    resolutions can be like 1.promise to control temper
    2.not to use harsh words
    3.spend more time with family etc.
    but if you plan to 1. leave smoking after the new year, then he might not be available for the resolution.
    2.if you want to start your studies seriously after the new year then, sorry but don't expect any kind of increase in your marks in that year's exam.
    3.if you are financially weak and are planning to save money from new year onward then your crisis may increase.
    so don't make lame excuses on your inabilities work on them.

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