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    What was the last time you had empathy for some one?

    We are all human beings. Most or may be all of us have our likes and dislikes. Strengths and weaknesses. Yet, we do not go far beyond mere sympathy. We just give a few rupees to some one and feel great.

    That is just not enough. When we really have empathy for at least one family or a few people who are not as fortunate as we are in terms of education, wealth or status or whatever, we do need to put on our thinking cap and do whatever is possible.

    I have had the good fortunate of coaching some good but very poor students who do not know the English language at all. Yes, they somehow pass the examination and get the degree and then land up in jobs that demand only knowledge of the local language. They are almost zero when compared to the upwardly mobile English speaking crowd from the best ten Chennai colleges, often ranked among the best in India.

    It is just a small contribution. Members may share their own experiences. Empathy can make a huge difference, I guess, when several hundreds of people put in efforts that match the best of high achievers in some way or the other.
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    During my PhD days, I used to take tuitions to high school students. There was a poor family staying near our residence those days. They have a boy and a girl. They were in primary school. Both of them used to come to me for tuition. I gave the classes to them for 5 years without taking a single paise from them. So they used to show a lot of respect. That girl passed her graduation and married and settled in life.
    The boy managed to get a seat in B.Tech and came out successfully and joined a very good software company. Even today both of them talks to me and in touch with me. Still, they say that they are well off today because of my teachings. That gives me great pleasure.
    I have stopped tuitions afterwards but continue to poor to the extent possible to me always.

    always confident

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