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    Editors must step in when the gross error remains even after notification

    We all have responsibilities. Responsibility towards our fellow citizens, towards the job we are doing and also towards the next generation. We all blurt out when somebody behaves in an irresponsible way and it's our tendency to find the fault of others. We are good at it but we must look at our own faults to progress further.

    Everybody is disturbed when a piece of fake news is spread. It is also disturbing when errors remain, as it is when there is the option to correct it. After pointing out the errors by a few members and even when the author acknowledges the error, I find it disheartening when things remain unchanged. The editors have a very important role here. They must proactively correct the gross mistakes when it is brought to the notice by the other members.

    I am talking about these two threads:

    I hope the errors will be corrected without any further delay.
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    True, Editors should not wait for the members to correct the errors. Apart from grading with points and CC, a good job of ISC editor is to ensure that the contents posted by members are free from mistakes. Generally, most editors are not doing this job of correcting a member. They are only good at locking and deleting the threads and responses. The author of this thread is right with his post.
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    It's true we all have the responsibilities at work and in our personal lives and we should perform our best to finish them with our as well as for the satisfaction of the other.

    Regarding the editing of the threads, I have not seen editors never performing their duty well. I remember once I asked them to edit one of my thread they did it soon. They did it so fast I was amazed to see it. It's not good on their part that they delayed the editing even after pointing out by the members but I understand that they might be busy somewhere else. But that's not an excuse as ISC being a reputed site so we cannot expect such delays from the editors. Also, it's the responsibility of the members too to verify the information they are posting here before they actually post them.


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