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    What is so special about Indore?

    One is told that Indore in Madhya Pradesh is a fabulous city and very clean. One is also told that there are plenty of tourist spots. Since I had been there decades ago, am sure this city would be a mini metro by now.

    Please do tell me and other members: How is waste management done? How is the plastic menace handled? I do not have a copy of the magazine that carried a news item on Indore, some 20 months ago.

    Members who had been to this city and know the inside story as well possibly the number of Hindi articles about the city, please do clarify and give details. Someone in Vellore Corporation wants to even visit the city but would like to get first hand information. After all,credible information can help a great deal.
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    Indore is known as the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh and it is situated on Malwa Plateau. This city is on the banks of two small rivulets - the Saraswati and the Khan. These two rivers will get united in the centre of the city. There is a small temple of Sangamnath or Indreshwar which belongs to the 18th century. The name Indore has come from the name of this deity.
    This city is having a lot of recognition in India as the cleanest city.
    The waste collecting vehicles will be going round in the city. There will be a real-time tracking device in the vehicle. It will monitor the vehicle movement. By any chance, if any of the drivers decide to skip some lane, the device will immediately notify the authorities. It's a foolproof system designed to keep the city at its cleanest best.
    Now the software programme development is in progress and it may be introduced shortly.

    always confident

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