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(Topic based month end TOW contest for Feb'19 (Special prize Winner))
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    The memory of a wink

    He watched it. He has seen it earlier also, but this time it went viral after Priya Prakash Varrier winked. He found even politicians are also not far behind when it comes to winking. He thought of putting it to use at a suitable time. He needs to do it within a short span because nowadays a craze doesn't stay for a long time. He has to look for the opportunity to wink and thought whether he needs to practice winking. He watched some people can wink perfectly; after all the timing of the wink matters. He has to practice winking. Well, you know perfection also matters!

    After thinking all this, he went in front of the mirror and started to wink. He can easily watch himself with the other eye to see how he looks while winking. He looked around to see whether anybody is secretly watching him. Nobody was there, so he started winking. First, he started with the right eye and winked for a couple of times. Now it is the turn of the left eye. He did it with the left eye too. Ah! It's better with the left eye, so he gave it a couple of more tries. Suddenly his pet dog came barking and jumped on the mirror. The dog continued to bark and he had to intervene to stop his pet.

    He was bemused and tried to figure out what made the dog bark. He tried to find out why the dog jumped in front of the mirror and started barking. After a while, he recollected that some time ago when his father was feeding the dog, he teased the dog with a wink and moving its feeding bowl every time with the wink. This made the dog angry, really angry! At that time also the dog barked loudly to show its disapproval. This time he was winking at the mirror, the dog followed it from outside and thought some kind of tricks is going on this time too.

    He understood he has to be cautious while winking at somebody else too. Who knows what memory the person has for the wink?

    This is an entry to the TOW contest
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    Good story by the author. The dog remembered how it was teased. But the person in the story forgotten the same. When he is practising the winking the dog started attacking him. The author narrated the story very well and a good presentation.
    always confident

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    Animals remember things and it manifests in their behaviour. If something is done to them regularly, they will remember that.

    They learn things with repetitions and practice. If similar situation is there they will respond to it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Your imaginative power is strong. You have come up with a good story on winking. Linking it with the dog's memory is praiseworthy.

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    An interesting satire. The link of the wink with the pet of the house is really very amusing and hilarious. The author has put up a nice story by combining these elements between the family members and their pet.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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